Keep DeKalb Beautiful





Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) is committed to promoting beautification and sustainability efforts throughout DeKalb County Georgia.  Keep DeKalb Beautiful’s mission to coordinate efforts for community clean-ups, sanitation related issues, entrance/exit ramp maintenance is a key component to county beautification efforts.

Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) is part of DeKalb County’s Beautification Unit. Our commitment to support and maintain a clean and sustainable environment through maintenance, beautification projects, recycling advocacy and community engagement.  Below are areas key to our mission:

Road Maintenance

  • Mowing county roads
  • Litter Pick-up

Residential and commercial recycling sign-up


  • Gateway
  • Glory gardens

Neighborhood Empowerment

  • Adopt-A-Road
  • Adopt-A-Spot
  • Adopt-A-MARTA Stop
  • Community Clean-up
  • Stream Clean-ups
  • Special Events

Community Service

  • Litter Busters Community Service
  • High School graduation community service credits



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By educating the public, focusing on environmental preservation and conservation, our hope is to inspire and empower citizens and youth to maintain healthy and visually appealing communities.

Fall/Winter Work Plan Requests
KDB Cleanup Supply Request Form
KDB Clean-up Report Form
Beautification Project Request Form
KDB Adopt-A-Road/MARTA/Spot Program
Speaker Request Form
Litter Busters Community Service Program