Why Recycle

Why Recycle?

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Five Facts about Recycling in DeKalb County

  • 44 percent of the eligible households in DeKalb County currently participate in recycling.  More than half of all the waste that goes into DeKalb’s Seminole Road landfill is residential waste that could have been recycled.
  • The average American creates 1,600 pounds of garbage a year.  The typical DeKalb household that recycles saves 662 pounds of materials from going into the landfill.
  • Since 2005, we’ve diverted 145,317 tons of recyclables from the Seminole Road landfill — the weight of more than 20.000 elephants!
  • DeKalb County Sanitation Division is working to increase recycling in the county to 60 percent - or 105,000 residences by 2020.
  • If more residents recycle, it will help control rising sanitation costs, decrease the amount of solid waste in the Seminole Road Landfill, and create more green jobs in DeKalb County.

Recycling in Georgia *

Saves Energy

  • Paper mills use 40 percent less energy to make paper from recycled paper.
  • A recycled aluminum can takes 95 percent less energy to manufacture and can be back on store shelves in 60 days.

Conserves Water

  • A ton of paper made from recycled fibers conserves 7,000 gallons of water.
  • Recycling one glass bottle creates 50 percent less water pollution than when a new bottle is made from raw materials.

Creates Jobs

  • One third of plastic bottles recycled in the U.S. gets used in Georgia carpet manufacturing.
  • On a per ton basis, sorting and processing recyclables sustains 10 times more jobs than landfilling or incineration.

Get a bin - It's free! Click here to register for recycling - or call (404) 294-2900.

* Source:  Georgia Recycling Coalition