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At PDK, we are dedicated to reducing runway incursions. The following information is presented for users of the airport to gain additional understanding of the factors that cause incursions.

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Runway Incursion Prevention


  1. Read back all runway crossing and / or hold short instructions.
  2. Review airport layouts as part of your preflight planning and before descending to land, and while taxiing as needed.
  3. Know, review and keep current on airport signage.
  4. Review the Notices to Airmen (NOTAM’s) for information on runway / taxiway closures and construction areas.
  5. Do not hesitate to request progressive taxi instructions from ATC when unsure of the taxi route.
  6. Check for traffic before crossing any Runway Hold Line.
  7. Check for traffic before entering a taxiway from a runway or from a non-movement area.
  8. Turn on aircraft lights and rotating beacon or strobe light while taxiing.
  9. When landing, clear the active runway as quickly as possible, then wait for taxi instructions before further movement.
  10. Use proper radio phraseology in order to respond to and understand ground control instructions.
  11. Write down complex taxi instructions at unfamiliar airports if necessary.
  12. Ensure you are following instructions that were actually given to you and NOT the instructions you thought you were going to receive “because you were so familiar with the airport” – LISTEN, plan, then move.
  13. Do NOT stop on a runway, even if you are disoriented or lost.  Move off onto a taxiway or ramp.
  14. PDK’s tower is not manned from 11PM each night until 6:30AM on weekdays and 7:30AM on weekends.
  • When the tower is closed, be aware that pilots have a choice of what runway to use, and that other pilot’s choices may conflict with your own choice.
  • Aircraft may be using an instrument approach procedure to a runway other than the runway in use for VFR operations.
For more information, please read Advisory Circular 91-73 (6/18/02); Subj:  Part 91 Pilot and Flightcrew Procedures During Taxi Operations and Part 135 Single-Pilot Operations

Safety Articles
Excerpts from "Close Encounters" by Jay Hopkins, Flying magazine, Mar, 2001
Using a Runway as a Taxiway, Airport Director, Lee Remmel

PDK Runway Incursion Reports

High Number of Runway Incursions at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport,GA
FAA Notice Number:  NOTC0586

High Number of Runway Incursions at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport,GA
Local Safety Notice

The Peachtree DeKalb Airport, Georgia (PDK) has had over four runway incursions this year. There were one category C and three category D at PDK. These occurred during the parallel operations of runway 2L/R and 20L/R. We are asking that all airmen planning to use this airport beware of the high number of runway incursions and take extra precautions to avoid this situation. During preflight planning make use of the Airport Facility Directory and the PDK website on the Airport Hot Spots. The website for PDK is and then go to the PDK Runway Incursion Page. Make sure you are familiar with the taxiway diagram for PDK and have it available during taxi operations. During arrivals or departures ensure you read all taxi and hold short instructions back to ATC.