Incursion 2

Runway Incursion Hazard Area - 2

The intersection of taxiway Bravo and runway 2L-20R is a high risk area for runway incursions by aircraft.

In the past, incursions have occurred in this area when takeoff and landing operations are on runways 2L and 2R. Typically, an aircraft positioned on the north side of the airport that receives clearance to taxi, will use taxiway Bravo. The possibility for runway incursion occurs when the aircraft is southbound on Bravo and forgets to turn onto Alpha to reach the approach end of 2R/2L. If the aircraft continues on Bravo, it will cross the active runway 2L resulting in a runway incursion.

The airport has installed two yellow flashing lights at this intersection to alert pilots that an active runway is ahead. Pilots unfamiliar with the airport should use extra awareness when taxiing in this area and request progressive taxi instructions if necessary


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