Apartment Complex Registrations

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Apartment Complex Registrations

DeKalb County prioritizes the health, safety and well‐being of its citizens. County officials have determined that, when multi-family rental dwellings are allowed to deteriorate, crime rates can increase, property values can decrease and tenant’s health and well‐being may be compromised.  Because of its focus on improving and ensuring public health and safety, the County has implemented an Interior Code Compliance Ordinance (ICC) that requires all owners of multifamily rental property to obtain Code Compliance Certificates.

On December 14, 2010 the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, amended and enacted the Interior Code Compliance Ordinance, effecting multi-family rental structures in unincorporated DeKalb County. This ordinance requires owners and/or management staff of any multi-family rental dwelling located within unincorporated DeKalb County to follow all necessary guidelines to receive a Certificate of Interior Code Compliance.


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This ordinance is applicable to individuals who

Manage or own a multi-family rental dwelling, or

Derive income from four or more multi-family rental units

File a code compliance certificate covering 100% of the owner’s multi-family rental structures located within unincorporated parts of the county.

Ensure that inspections shall be performed by a certified building inspector


*Multi-family properties must use a county-authorized third party inspector to approve adherence to interior code regulations

Failure to provide this certificate will result in the inability to obtain a future business license.

All units inspected shall be listed individually on the code compliance certificate submitted by the certified building inspector. Any certified building inspector who knowingly furnishes an inspection report which contains fraudulent information shall by guilty of a misdemeanor and can be fined up to $1,000 or imprisoned for one year or combination of these for each violation.

*Exemptions – provided all other required permits, certificates and/or permissions are obtained from the county, this section shall not apply to multifamily rental dwellings or multifamily rental units for a period of five years following issuance of a certificate of occupancy for such dwelling or unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, contact Senior Officer Herring at hbherring@dekalbcountyga.gov or by phone at (678) 652-3691.