Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners' function?

The Board of Commissioners is the legislative branch of DeKalb County. The Board levies taxes, makes appropriations, enacts ordinances and resolutions, approves the budget, and considers zoning ordinances.

2. How many members make up the Board of Commissioners?

There are seven commissioners, one for each district. The first five districts are individual districts while the sixth and seventh districts are the two super districts.

3. How can I find out who my elected officials are?

You may look up your elected officials by inputting your address to determine your district. Click here Find Elected Officials to enter your information.

4. How long is the term for which a DeKalb County Commissioner is elected?

Commissioners are elected to staggered, four year terms.

5. Is there a chosen leader for the Board of Commissioners?

The Commission does have a designated leader. Each year, during the first regular meeting in January, the Commission elects a presiding officer and a deputy presiding officer from its membership. Both the presiding officer and the deputy presiding officer retain their powers as commissioners. The presiding officer acts as the chairperson for Commission meetings. The presiding officer has the ability to call special meetings of the commission if necessary, appoint members and chairpersons of the commission committees, compel the attendance of members, and exercise other powers through resolutions passed by the Commission. In the event the office of the member serving as presiding officer becomes vacant for any reason, or in the event the presiding officer is absent for any reason, or in the event the presiding officer exercises the powers of the CEO pursuant to subsections (b) or (c) of section 6 in the Organizational Act, then the deputy presiding officer shall exercise the powers and duties of the presiding officer during the absence of the presiding officer or until a successor presiding officer is elected by the commission at the first regular meeting held during the next succeeding January.

6. When are the Board of Commissioners' meetings held in the Maloof Auditorium?

The Commission meets in the Maloof Auditorium on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month for their regular meetings. All meetings start at 9:00 am unless otherwise noted.

7. How many votes are necessary to pass a resolution or ordinance?

In order for a resolution or ordinance to pass, an affirmative vote of either four commissioners without the vote of the presiding officer or three commissioners with the presiding officer is necessary.

8. When must the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DeKalb County submit a recommended budget to the Commission for the following fiscal year?

The CEO should submit the recommended budget to the Commission no later than December 15. However, if during an election year the CEO is not re-elected, this deadline can be moved to January 15. DeKalb County's fiscal year coincides with the calendar year.

9. Where can I find information regarding zoning and land use?

Detailed information can be found at the DeKalb County Planning and Sustainability website. Click here to be redirected to their website.