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Fire Rescue

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department is a premier Fire and Rescue Department in the Metro-Atlanta area. We provide fire suppression, emergency medical services, and fire safety education to the population of DeKalb County. We are a structure of 630 plus men and women who are well-trained and offer the utmost level of service. While reviewing the site, get familiar with many aspects of our operation, equipment and excellent personnel.

DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department was founded in 1937. As DeKalb County experiences growth over the years, the Department continually stands ready to serve the needs of the citizens. This year alone we will provide over 101,000 responses. We ranked as the busiest department in the state of Georgia in the 2013 Firehouse survey.

The DeKalb Fire Rescue Department provides the following services: Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Community Education, Fire Investigation, Hazardous Material mitigation, Technical Rescue, Dive/Swift water Rescue, Canine Search and 

Rescue, Fire Prevention, Plans Review and Building Inspections.

We are also home to Explorer Post #901 which is available to teens between the ages of 14 and 18. The Fire Rescue Academy offers the finest in-house training programs in the Southeast. The dedication of the men and women of DeKalb County Fire Rescue is evidenced by their exemplary customer service, enviable skills, and undeniable ability.


October is Fire Prevention Month!
For up-to-date activities and events, visit www.dekalbfiresafetyfestival.com