Human Services Nonprofit Partnership Grants

Each year the county’s CEO and Board of Commissioners make this funding program available to nonprofit agencies with track record of providing specific services to the residents of DeKalb County.  This is a competitive grant program funded by both the county’s general fund and the county’s judicial fund to support victim assistance projects.

This funding initiative, formerly referred to as the Human Services Grant Program, has been enhanced to encourage better collaboration and asset integration among agencies serving common issues for the DeKalb community.  This year the program seeks to attract nonprofits with demonstrated experience in such service areas as: violence to women, youth services, helping neighborhoods work with law enforcement, building family unity and capacity, as well as sharing strategies and resources for measured outcomes.

This competitive funding program is designed and continuously upgraded to help facilitate our building of a seamless and cost effective human Services system that ends the cycle of funding outdated strategies and sustains visible and measurable solutions.


Information will be forthcoming on the Nonprofit Partnership Grant.