ONE DeKalb operates as the county's central mechanism for creating opportunities for dialogue, information sharing, capacity growth, partnership and action with neighborhood residents, leaders and organizations by:

  • Promoting improved public participation and information sharing between the county and community stakeholders to foster greater neighborhood partnerships and to facilitate action and communication with county departments, agencies and the commission, to support positive outcomes that improve a neighborhood’s quality of life.
  • Enhancing transparency, consistency and accuracy in messaging. ONE DeKalb works to unify outreach efforts throughout the county by collaborating with departmental public information officers (PIOs) in transforming all functions of outreach into a centralized outreach arm via the county’s 311 portal.
  • Coordinating with the interim chief executive officer (ICEO) and Board of Commissioners (BOC) staff to stay abreast of county initiatives and board actions to keep internal and external stakeholders informed and engaged on events/activities of impact.
  • Facilitating the development, management and implementation of outreach plans for all county strategic initiatives.
  • Providing project management and leadership support on public engagement strategies of county departments to ensure accurate and consistent messaging.
  • Serving as the central conduit for providing information to, and obtaining input from, community groups, organizations, businesses, religious institutions and residents throughout DeKalb County utilizing the county’s 311 system, as well as traditional and non-traditional communications mediums.
  • Working in partnership with the local elected officials and executive staff of all cities located within DeKalb County in the information sharing process to  foster a culture of transparency and collaboration in county initiatives, services and information sharing.
  • Coordinating, assisting in implementation, evaluating and training practitioners in effective community engagement.