Office Resources

ONE DeKalb will use a multi-channel approach in its communication mediums to provide a continuum of information that is connected and consistent:

311 (CRM) Constituent Relationship Management System, WEB Services, Social Media and Events

  • A cloud-based CRM portal used to improve constituent service and reduce costs by enabling self-service and a streamlined inquiry process from submission through resolution.
  • 10 agents dedicated to prioritizing constituent concerns and facilitating resolution of constituent issues.
  • Website and social media channels used to communicate county information to the public and employees efficiently and effectively.
  • Collateral materials designed to educate and inform.
  • Video, digital and multimedia content to support and enhance communication efforts.
  • Constant Contact to organize contacts and disseminate information.

ONE DeKalb Phasing

Phase I

  • Rebranding
  • Draft office policy and protocol
  • 311 setup (citizen portal)
  • Initial staffing
  • Implementation (multi-channel outreach)
  • Update knowledge base/database

Phase II

  • Information analysis
  • Service level agreements
    • Issues
    • Response
    • Prioritization
  • Departmental on-boarding
  • Strategic planning (departmental)
  • Develop scope for constituent advocates
  • Develop performance scorecards
  • Long-term staffing plan
  • Community partnerships

Phase III

  • Facilitate drafting and implementation of a strategic community engagement plan
  • Relaunch Community Relations Board
  • Organize neighborhood Community Outreach Units