DeKalb County is home to 13 cities and more than 300 neighborhood and civic organizations that represent the county’s culturally diverse neighborhoods and communities. Managing public expectations in the delivery of its services, programs, and projects has become an agenda all of its own. Digital mediums reinforce the need for DeKalb County to be proactive in educating, informing and engaging its constituents in understanding and accepting county initiatives.

The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment (ONE DeKalb) serves as the county’s arm in delivering innovative community outreach designed to be inclusive, engaging, informative and responsive for the purpose of fostering and supporting both positive and meaningful interactions between the county and local residents and leaders.

ONE DeKalb seeks to promote public engagement, mitigate constituent issues and concerns, facilitate neighborhood capacity-building and increase the flow of information to both internal and external stakeholders about county initiatives, departments, programs and services through traditional and non-traditional communication mediums in obtaining input and on-boarding for all activities being performed and implemented by DeKalb County.


The mission of ONE DeKalb is to bring the county closer to its citizens by educating, informing and engaging them early and often, to preserve and enhance neighborhoods by including them in the decision-making process, and to empower people to make positive contributions through increased awareness.


Working with our county partners, ONE DeKalb will be the preferred and most trusted resource for information and solutions amongst our residents.

Guiding Principles

  • Timely: We will communicate what we know when we know it
  • Openly: We will be transparent in providing information to all that is easy to access and understand
  • Proactively: We will engage our stakeholders before being asked to provide information or determine future needs