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The DeKalb County 2035 Comprehensive Plan is essential in promoting, developing, sustaining, and assisting coordinated and comprehensive planning by DeKalb County government.  Interagency cooperation drives the planning process and includes the Governor's Development Council, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) as well as DeKalb County, it's local governments and constituents.  State law requires that jurisdictions maintain and periodically update a 20-year comprehensive plan.  Through the planning process the community develops a vision and assesses its needs in a range of planning areas including population, economic development, housing, natural and cultural resources, community facilities, land use and transportation and establishes strategic solutions to meet those needs.  The DeKalb County Comprehensive Plan outlines short term program goals and objectives (Community Work Program) through the year 2021 and is the county's Land Use policy document.

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DeKalb County

2035 Comprehensive Plan

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2035 Comprehensive Plan


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