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Future Land Use Plan
The Development Plan Concept. The Future Land Use Map provides specific and detailed future development patterns for the County.  This Future Land Use Plan and Map consists primarily of the Activity Centers which emerged from the concept map. There are three types of Activity Centers: Neighborhood Centers, Town Centers and Regional Centers, which have emerged and included as a part of the Future Development Plan. There are a total of 46 Activity Centers countywide.  In addition, the Future Development Plan includes residential designations:  Rural, Suburban, and Traditional.


Character Area Groupings at a Glance

Land Use Amendment Process
On occasion, there is a need to request a change to the comprehensive plan (text amendment) or the Future Land Use Map (land use amendment). When that occurs, refer to the process below when filing a land use amendment application.  This can also be found in the comprehensive plan. A process standard operating procedures is in place to make changes to comprehensive plan and / or future land use map.  All interested parties are allowed to petition to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners for a land use amendment to the comprehensive plan. 
Because of the intense public vetting process of the comprehensive plan, it is encouraged that no changes be made to the Future Development Map. However, there are certain criteria that may apply when proposing a land use amendment:
1. Market trends 
2. Human error / oversight
3. Community Support 
4. Improvement of quality of life for DeKalb County citizens
5. Proposed or new planning study

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