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  How the Program Works The Expedited Commercial Plan Review Program was created to offer permit applicants a separate and optional processing method to accelerate the county's review. The program's process is outlined below.  

Step 1

A building owner or developer hires certified Peer Reviewers for their project from the Approved Peer Reviewers List. Plans must be reviewed for all applicable disciplines, including Accessibility, Structural, Non-Structural, Fire and Life Safety, and Fire Protection Systems.

Step 2

Construction documents are submitted to the Peer Reviewers for review. For a more thorough review and to save even more time, some clients involve their Peer Reviewers early in the project by submitting their plans periodically during the design phase rather than at design completion.

Step 3

The construction documents are thoroughly reviewed by the Peer Reviewers. If the Peer Reviewers have comments relative to code compliance, the appropriate corrections are made by the design team. Once the drawings meet construction code requirements, the Peer Reviewers certify the drawings and recommend them for submission to the county.

Step 4

The construction documents are submitted to the county for review and permit issuance. Drawings submitted under the Expedited Commercial Plan Review Program will have all reviews completed within 10 business days. Please note, in many cases, county reviewers may find additional code deficiencies or missing documentation.

Step 5

When all deficient items found by the county, if any, have been addressed by the design team and the corresponding corrections have been certified by the Peer Reviewers, the drawings are approved and permits are issued.  

Revisions after permit issuance

Alterations after the permit has been issued are called revisions. All revisions must be peer reviewed prior to submission to the county. Revisions do not have to be reviewed by the same Peer Reviewer who reviewed the original drawings.  

To Speed up the Process

Please use our permit guides for New Commercial Construction, Commercial Additions, Commercial Alterations and Repairs, and Move in as is to ensure the fastest possible application and review process. We recommend coordinating with the County prior to submission to determine the applicable building permit fees as well as any water or sewer fees for your project, as all fees must be paid upon plan submission.  

For More Information

For more information on this program or how to become an approved Peer Reviewer, see our Peer Review Policy Manual and Frequently Asked Questions.