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The art and of  creating  meaningful, purposeful and memorable relationships between the built environment and the natural environment. The creative design of architectural spaces and places within the urban landscape.   The arrangement of architectural and landscape architectural components in a manner that fosters an enhanced quality of life. The Urban Design Component of Zoning is responsible for  creating, establishing and implementing Urban Design Guidelines and criteria for selected areas of the county.

Overlay Regulations Design Guidelines | Maps
Architects, engineers and planners utilize the Code of Ordinance and the Overlay District Design Guidelines to shape and inform architectural design elements. The Urban Design Component of the Current Planning Division reviews architectural plans during the Conceptual Phase and the Construction Document Phase to promote and advance the state of the art in architectural excellence.
 Landscape Architecture
The built environment is enhanced with the provision of landscape architectural elements. Trees, shrubs, grasses and ground covers can be interwoven into the urban fabric to reduce heat gain, offer shade, provide variety, color, texture and a natural landscape respite within the urban environment. Site fixtures and furnishings such as seating, lighting, paving patterns, are urban features which serve functional purposes while enhancing the urban environment.The Urban Design Component of the Current Planning Division reviews landscape architectural plans and specifications to ensure compliance with Urban Design Guidelines and the Zoning Ordinance. The urban landscape emerges through a consistent and proactive process of design review and implementation.
Site Planning and Design
Site Planning and Design is an integral part of the Urban Design Component.  The arrangement of buildings, walls, fences, parking areas, landscape features and other site amenities must be planned and designed in a manner that is sensitive to the natural processes.The Urban Design Component of the Current Planning Division reviews site plans for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and the Overlay District Guidelines.  The location of buildings on the site and their relationship to other structures and natural elements is reviewed for compatibility.