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SLUP 6 Moratorium:  Pertaining to Gas Stations, Drive-Thru Restaurants, Liquor Store, Auto Repair Establishments, Pawn Shops and Check Cashing Facilities in C-1 and C-2 Commercial Districts.

National studies show that a concentration of certain land uses - including alcohol outlets, automobile gas stations, automobile repair and maintenance shops, automobile service stations, check cashing establishments, convenience stores, drive-through restaurants, and pawn shops -- negatively impact the public health, safety, welfare, property values, economic development and social vitality of communities and neighborhoods.  Local governments across the country recognize the negative impacts of such uses and impose additional regulations and distance requirements to mitigate such impacts.  Local studies confirm that these certain land uses within unincorporated DeKalb County are associated with increased crime, automobile accidents, lower property values, and other negative impacts to public health and welfare.