Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

10 Steps to Home Security

by Target Hardening

  1. Illuminate areas outside the home that could be used as a hiding place (high shrubs, extended eaves, etc). Lighting around the perimeter of the home can be a better deterrent when connected to a motion sensor.
  2. Shrubbery should be trimmed away from windows and doors to allow a clear line of vision. Overgrown shrubs can provide criminals a hiding place.
  3. Exterior doors of solid construction, secure frames and good locks should be used. Install deadbolt locks with a 1 to 1-½” throw; check the strike plates and use screws 2 to 3” long to reach into the framework to strengthen the deadbolt lock. Sliding glass doors can be secured with a “Charlie Bar” and manufacturer’s locks should be upgraded.
  4. High ticket items (i.e. flat screen tv’s, electronics, etc.) should not be visible from outside of the home; use window treatments such as curtains or blinds.
  5. Use large, 2 ½ to 3”, reflective numbers on both sides of the mailbox; this expedites the arrival of emergency personnel to the residence.
  6. Windows that are close to the ground should be secured with updated locking mechanisms (turn locks, guild locks, dowels, pins, security film); do not leave fans and unsecured air conditioning units in windows when away from home.
  7. Remove any items that could assist criminals in entering the home (i.e. ladders, loose bricks/rocks, chairs and umbrellas).
  8. Keep a constant appearance of occupancy; utilize timers on interior lights televisions and radios.
  9. Keep inventory of valued items in the home; record serial and model numbers of electronics, computers and game systems. Items without serial numbers should be photographed and stored in a unassuming safe place (jewelry, paintings, coins, etc.).
  10. Work with or start a Neighborhood Watch to further secure your community.

NOTE: All items mentioned should be researched and demonstrated at your local hardware store.
Provided by: DeKalb County Police Department to Promote Crime Prevention.



Tucker Precinct
J. Hightower (678) 937-5339
North Central Precinct
A. Fowler (770) 724-7616
South Precinct
S. O'Rear (404) 286-7955
East Precinct
D. Jenkins (770) 482-0330

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