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DeKalb County Judicial System

In DeKalb County, justice is rendered by a judicial system which includes:

  • Juvenile Court, which holds youthful offenders accountable for their actions through probation supervision and secure detention, as well as seeks to protect the young victims of crimes.
  • Magistrate Court, a court of limited jurisdiction which hears civil claims involving disputes of $15,000 and less, and cases of dispossessories, garnishments, foreclosures, county ordinance violations and check fraud. Additionally the court issues criminal arrest warrants.
  • Probate Court, which oversees the administration of the estates of deceased county residents; appoints guardians for both adults and children; issues marriage and firearms licenses. 
  • State Court, which has jurisdiction within the territorial limits of DeKalb County and is comprised of the Jury and Traffic divisions and DUI Court.
  • Superior Court, which handles civil and criminal law actions, as well as cases involving misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, divorce, title to land, and felonies involving jury trials.
  • Clerk of Superior Court who oversees the clerical portion of the court's business, keeps the court's records, maintains all land records, and collects intangible and transfer taxes.