Board of Commissioners

Dear Residents of Commission Districts 3 and 7, the Commission seats are currently vacant. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following:

District 3 - Constituent Services Coordinator
Phone: 404-371-2425

District 7 - Constituent Services Coordinator
Phone: 404-371-2899


Commissioner Robert PatrickDistrict 2 - Michelle Long Spears
ZBradshaw204.jpgCommissioner Mereda Davis JohnsonCommissioner Edward "Ted" Terry


The Board of Commissioners serves as the legislative branch of the DeKalb County government. The Board is comprised of seven part-time commissioners, all elected to a four year term. DeKalb County is divided into five districts with one commissioner serving each district. There are also two “super districts,” one on the east end of the county and the other on the west end, each making up about half of the county population. Each super district is served by one commissioner. Therefore, every citizen of DeKalb County is served by two commissioners, one with the district and one with the super district.

Mission Statement 
To improve the quality of life for stakeholders of DeKalb County through governance, representation, and accountability.

Vision Statement
With respect for the roles of the other two branches of government, the Board of Commissioners of DeKalb County, the legislative branch, is committed to excellence in public service as a way for the people to participate in a responsive government.

Excellence is defined by fulfilment of our mission through:

  • Embracing and valuing the diversity of the community.
  • Creating sound public policy.
  • Providing independent oversight.
  • Prioritizing and allocating resources.
  • Collaborative problem solving.

Statement of Values

  • Commitment: We strive to give our very best.
  • Honesty: We will be honest with each other and our stakeholders by communicating openly and professionally.
  • Fairness: We strive to ensure all sides have equal consideration.
  • Integrity:We adhere to ethical and professional values and behaviors, which include common courtesy, respect, and trust.
  • Stewardship:We believe that accountability and fiscal responsibility are essential for public confidence in government.


DeKalb County Board of Commissioner's hold regularly scheduled meetings every Tuesday at 9 am. Visit the County's Public Calendar for more details.  You may view the broadcasting of all Commissioner Meetings via DCTV. Please refer to public participation for how to make a public comment