County Operations (OPS) Committee

This page is reserved for information regarding the DeKalb County Operations (OPS) Committee. OPS has the authority to handle all subjects regarding matters of countywide support services and the effective provision of departments associated allocation of costs. All Committee information regarding the discussion in the OPS committee, including how to participate, and Staff contact are below;

Meeting Time/Location:

*Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic OPS Committee hearings are being held remotely until further notice; live broadcasting of Committee hearings can be viewed on DCTV**

1st and 3rdTuesdays of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. 
(Multi-purpose Room, 5th Floor, Manuel J. Maloof Administration Building,
1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030)

-- The times shown are standing meeting times, but are subject to change. Please feel free to contact the Commission office to confirm a meeting.


Committee Leadership Departments Committee Staff Staff Contact 
Chair: Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson   
Member: Commissioner Steve Bradshaw 
Member: Commissioner Robert Patrick 

Animal Services
Chief Executive
Citizen Help Center
Ethics Board
Facilities Management
Fleet Maintenance
Information Systems
Registration & Elections

John Manson- Senior Policy Analyst 


Shannon McGraw - Policy Analyst






Committee Documents:

Month/Year 2023  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016

OPS Agenda.2021.01.04 V2.pdf

OPS Agenda.2021.01.18.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.01.19.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.01.11 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.01.14.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.01.28.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.01.22.pdf

OPS Agenda 2019.01.08

OPS AGENDA 2018.01.23.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.01.09.pdf

COPS Agenda 2017.01.24.pdf

COPS Agenda January 12, 2016

COPS Agenda January 26, 2016


OPS Agenda.2022.02.01.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.02.15.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.02.16 V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.02.02.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.02.11.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.02.25.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.02.26.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.02.12.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.02.27.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.02.13.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.02.28.pdf

COPS Agenda February 9, 2016

CANCELLATION COPS February 23, 2016


OPS Agenda.2022.03.01.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.03.15.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.03.16 V3.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.03.02.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.03.30_0.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.03.10.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.03.26.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.03.12.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.03.27.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.03.13_0.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.03.14.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.03.28.pdf
COPS Committee Meeting--Tuesday March 22, 2016

OPS Agenda.2022.04.05.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.04.19.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.04.20 V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.04.06.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.04.28.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.04.14.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.04.23.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.04.09.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.04.24.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.04.10.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.04.11.pdf  

OPS Agenda.2022.05.03.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.05.17.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.05.18.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.05.04.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.05.26.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.05.12.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.05.28.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.05.14.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.05.22.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.05.08.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.05.23.pdf
COPS Committee Meeting--Tuesday May 10, 2016

OPS Agenda.2022.06.07.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.06.21.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.06.30 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.06.15 V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.06.01.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.06.30.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.06.09.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.06.25.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.06.11.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.06.26.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.06.12.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.06.13.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.06.27 (SU).pdf

COPS Committee Meeting--Tuesday June 14, 2016
COPS Committee Meeting--Tuesday June 28, 2016


OPS Agenda.2022.07.05.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.07.19.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.07.20.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.07.06.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.07.28.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.07.14.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.07.23.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.07.09.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.07.24.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.07.10.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.07.11.pdf



OPS Agenda.2022.08.02.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.08.16.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.08.17 V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.08.03.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.08.25.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.08.11.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.08.27.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.08.13.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.08.28.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.08.14.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.08.08.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.08.22.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.09.06 v2.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.09.20.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.09.07 V3.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.09.21.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.09.23 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.09.21.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.09.08.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.09.24V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.09.10.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.09.25.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.09.11.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.09.12.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.09.12 CANCELLATION.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.09.14 SPECIAL CALLED.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.10.04.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.10.18.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.10.05.pdf


OPS AGENDA 2021.10.19 V4.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.10.27.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.10.19 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.10.13.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.10.07 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.10.22.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.10.08.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.10.23.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.10.09.pdf


OPS Agenda 2017.10.24.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2017.10.10.pdf


OPS Agenda.2022.11.01.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.11.15.pdf

OPS Agenda.2022.11.18 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.11.03 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.11.10 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.11.16 V3.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.11.30 SC V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.11.23 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.11.12 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.11.10.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2019.11.12.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.11.27.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2018.11.13.pdf

OPS Agenda 2017.11.14.pdf  
December   OPS Agenda.2022.12.06.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2021.12.07.pdf


OPS AGENDA 2021.12.15 SC V2.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.12.29 SC.pdf

OPS AGENDA 2020.12.08.pdf

  OPS AGENDA 2018.12.11.pdf