Employees of DeKalb County are prohibited from receiving gifts or anything of monetary value from prohibited sources. Prohibited sources are any person, business or entity that:

  • Is regulated by the County
  • Is seeking official action from the County (permits, zoning requests, etc.); or
  • Is seeking to do or does business with the County.

A mandatory LSBE meeting that all primes must attend to ensure that LSBE(s) have an opportunity to connect with the interested parties in all upcoming solicitations.
Each Wednesday – 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. in person at 4572 Memorial Drive, Decatur, Georgia  30032 - Main Conference Room - B or via video conferencing.
(please see DeKalb First link for details)


Talisa_Clark.jpgTalisa R. Clark, MBA, CPPO, Chief Procurement Officer, Purchasing and Contracting

Welcome to the homepage of the Purchasing and Contracting Department of DeKalb County government. Our efforts to provide a fair, transparent and competitive arena for the entire marketplace result from our core belief that public sector procurement must achieve the very best value.

We seek valued, competent business partners with each purchase. This goal could not be met without active quotes, bids and proposals from the competitive market that seek opportunities to EARN our business. At the same time, we strive to become a better customer. DeKalb County is a consistent buyer of many goods and services year after year. Within these pages, you will find necessary information about the county. We include current bidding opportunities, How-to data and common FAQs among other pages of information.

The Purchasing and Contracting Department is currently undergoing an implementation of Oracle’s Advanced Procurement Suite software, which is one of the key factors in our Journey to Procurement Excellence (JPE) project. This initiative will streamline many of our internal processes that will position us for a more seamless and collaborative effort between You - the Supplier, and the County. Ultimately, our goal is to provide suppliers with a one-stop destination for Doing Business with the County.



                                      How To Do Business with DeKalb County                                    

Purchasing and Contracting utilizes a competitive bidding process and contracts are awarded based on a combination of factors that are most advantageous to DeKalb County. The County reserves the right to make no awards, one award of all items or multiple awards of items. The method utilized to solicit bids and proposals is determined by the estimated dollar value of the individual purchase or the type of commodity or service needed.

The Purchasing and Contracting Department is now utilizing iSupplier to manage our vendor relationships electronically. It is very important that any vendor/supplier interested in or currently doing business with DeKalb County go to our  iSupplier page to obtain all necessary information concerning registration, account management, invoicing/payments and links to iSupplier's training and instructional documentation.

ISupplier Registration Drive
Please join us at our "How to Do Business" clinics for assistance with completing ISupplier Registrations as we move forward in our Journey to Procurement Excellence....