DeKalb First (LSBE Program)

The “DeKalb First” LSBE Ordinance (Local Small Business Enterprise) was enacted on September 27, 2016, by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners with the intention of providing earned revenue to local certified businesses through our competitive bid process.  The success of local small businesses remains a permanent goal of the County.

Please register to attend our monthly How To Do Business Seminars to obtain detailed information about our DeKalb First Ordinance, Register Here.

A mandatory LSBE meeting is held weekly, in which all primes must attend to ensure that LSBE(s) have an opportunity to connect with the interested parties in all upcoming solicitations (Mandatory (Prime) DeKalb First LSBE Meetings).

These meetings occur each Wednesday in a morning and afternoon session, 10:00am – 11:00am AND 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Participation is available via video and/or audio conferencing. Attendance is required at only one (1) meeting each week, based on solicitation requirements.

To attend the 10:00am Mandatory Prime/LSBE Meeting via video conferencing, Join Zoom Meeting: Join Here

To attend the 2:00pm Mandatory Prime/LSBE Meeting via video conferencing, Join Zoom Meeting: Join Here

Please utilize audio conferencing if you are unable to access the Zoom Meeting, dial: 1-888-270-9936 Conference code 107222

All attendees will be required to complete an introduction of themselves and provide contact information for the company in which they are representing during the meeting times. Please be sure to complete this task prior to leaving the meeting to ensure that your attendance has been recorded for eligibility to participate in the corresponding solicitations. 

DeKalb County Government is committed to ensuring that small businesses have adequate opportunities to succeed. Experience Procurement Guidance, Network, Engage and Connect with County User Department Representatives to market your products and services.

Questions regarding DeKalb County's LSBE Program and its services please email: or 404-371-4770.