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DeKalb Implements ‘Socially Distant Service Delivery’ Strategy County and restricts public access to County facilities

The Department of Purchasing and Contracting has initiated its emergency operations plans. This will allow us to continue to provide procurement services as needed to the County and all its operational needs. All mandatory meetings and any necessary informational meetings will be hosted virtually by our staff and responsible person(s).


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The upcoming 4th Annual Reverse Trade Show has been postponed and will be scheduled for a later date, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience and look forward to meeting you in the near future. Please be sure to check our website regularly for updates and keep your iSupplier contact information accurate. For assistance setting up your iSupplier account and/or accessing our meetings remotely feel free to contact our iSupplier Helpdesk Monday - Friday from 9a-4:30p (404)-371-2713 or

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Project Number 19-500530-RFP
Awardee(s) Buck Global, LLC
Project Name Employee Health & Benefits Consulting Services
Project Number 19-500527-RFP
Awardee(s) A-Action Janitorial dba A-Action Vending
Project Name Snack and Vending Machine Services (Multiyear)
Project Number 19-500520-RFP
Awardee(s) MGT of America dba MGT Consulting Group
Project Name Development of Cost Allocation Plans for DeKalb County
Project Number 19-101204-ITB
Awardee(s) The Ande Consulting Group, LLC.
Project Name Rolling Collapsible Supply Bags and Rolling Collapsible Ballot Bags
Project Number 19-101196-ITB
Awardee(s) Willow Construction, Inc.
Project Name Zonolite Park Boardwalk
Project Number 19-101186-ITB
Awardee(s) Metro Waterproofing, Inc.
Project Name Decatur Library Parking Deck Repairs
Project Number 19-101184-ITB
Awardee(s) Michael Montgomery
Project Name Sale of Surplus Property @ 3190 Zion Street
Project Number 19-101182-ITB
Awardee(s) Regency Enterprises Inc
Project Name Light Bulbs, Fixtures, Lamps & Ballast
Project Number 19-101161-ITB
Awardee(s) Latham Home Sanitation Company, Inc.
Project Name Recycling Tires
Project Number 19-101157-ITB
Awardee(s) WebMyers Construction LLC
Project Name Child Advocacy Center Renovation
Project Number 19-101142-ITB
Awardee(s) GC&E System Group, Inc.
Project Name On-Call Electrical Services
Project Number 19-101141-ITB
Awardee(s) Cowin Equipment Co., Inc.
Project Name 24 Ton Excavator
Project Number 19-101130-ITB
Awardee(s) Flint Equipment Co.
Project Name 158 HP Excavator
Project Number 19-101126-ITB
Awardee(s) CSS Corp. d/b/a. CSS Healthcare Services
Project Name In-Home Services for Seniors (Annual Contract with 4 Options to Renew)
Project Number 19-101104-ITB
Awardee(s) Trinity Furniture Inc. c/o Corporate Environments
Project Name Dining Stackable Chairs for Lou Walker Senior Center
Project Number 19-101097-ITB
Awardee(s) Peek Pavement Marking, LLC., and LO & Rob- Green Lovett, LLC.
Project Name Traffic Pavement Marking Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 19-101075-ITB
Awardee(s) Green Dream International, LLC & F.M. Shelton, Inc.
Project Name Stone Crushed Granite (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)