Bid Awards ITB/RFP

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Project Number 18-500503-RFP
Awardee(s) Moran Consulting, Inc.
Project Name Customer Service Training Program Design and Implementation
Project Number 18-500493-RFP
Awardee(s) CorVel Corporation
Project Name Workers’ Compensation Bill Review and Pharmaceutical Services Organization
Project Number 18-500489-RFP
Awardee(s) HCA Asset Management, LLC
Project Name Inventory of Capital Assets
Project Number 18-500488-RFP
Awardee(s) Residential Enhancements, Inc. dba RE Global
Project Name Landscape Maintenance Services
Project Number 18-500483-RFP
Awardee(s) ADP, LLC
Project Name Tax Filing, Wage Deduction, Employment Verification and Affordable Care Act Compliance Services
Project Number 18-500480-RFP
Awardee(s) Marsh & McLennan Companies
Project Name Insurance Broker Services
Project Number 18-500477-RFP
Awardee(s) Lifeline Animal Project, Inc.
Project Name Animal Shelter Operation Services for DeKalb County Georgia
Project Results 18-101019-ITB
Awardee(s) J. Squared Plumbing Company, Inc.
Project Name On-Call Plumbing Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-101017-ITB
Awardee(s) Ag-Pro LLC
Project Name Closed Cab Boom Mower Tractor with Rotary Cutter
Project Number 18-101013-ITB
Awardee(s) The Rossum Group, LLC
Project Name Painting and Wallpapering Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-101011-ITB
Awardee(s) StandGuard Aquatics, Inc.
Project Name Installation & Maintenance of On-Site Chlorine Generators and Chemical Maintenance of Swimming Pools and Aquatic Centers
Project Number 18-101008-ITB
Awardee(s) Hawk Construction Company, LLC
Project Name Maloof Annex Building Restroom Renovations
Project Number 18-101007-ITB
Awardee(s) JME Sales Inc
Project Name 20 Ton Tag Trailer with Dual Wheels
Project Number 18-101006-ITB
Awardee(s) Bobcat of Atlanta LLC
Project Name Compact Track Loader with Attachments
Project Number 18-101002-ITB
Awardee(s) CMES, Inc.
Project Name Tucker Streetscape-1st Ave., 2nd St., 4th St., Lynburn Dr. and Fellowship Road PI#s0010633/001261
Project Number 18-100995-ITB
Awardee(s) All-Star Fire, LLC
Project Name Repair, Maintenance and Installation of Fire Intrusion Alarm Systems
Project Number 18-100987-ITB
Awardee(s) Benson Construction Company
Project Name Greens Renovation – Sprigging of Sugar Creek Golf Course
Project Number 18-100984-ITB
Awardee(s) Motorola Solutions
Project Name Batteries for Two-Way Radios
Project Number 18-100983-ITB
Awardee(s) Powerhouse Termite and Pest Control
Project Name Pest Control Services ( Annual Contract with 2 Options To Renew)
Project Number 18-100975-ITB
Awardee(s) Arborserv Tree Care Professionals; Casey Tree Experts, Inc; K2R Legacy Group
Project Name Tree Cutting and Removal Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100974-ITB
Awardee(s) Yancey Brothers Co.
Project Name 165 HP Crawler Dozer
Project Number 18-100971-ITB
Awardee(s) Dilmar Oil Co. and Napa Auto Parts
Project Name Anti-freeze (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100968-ITB
Awardee(s) Bobcat of Gwinnett
Project Name 5 Metric Ton Hydraulic Excavator
Project Number 18-100966-ITB
Awardee(s) Sutphen Corp.
Project Name Fire Pumper, 1000 GPM with Fire and EMS Equipment:
Project Number 18-100963-ITB
Awardee(s) Wade Ford, Hardy Chevrolet Buick GMC Inc., Don Jackson C/D/J/R, Downtown Nashville Nissan
Project Name Purchase of Various Automobiles, Vans, Trucks and Accessories (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100962-ITB
Awardee(s) Cascade Water Services, Inc.
Project Name Chemical Treatment for HVAC Equipment (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100961-ITB
Awardee(s) Overhead Door Company of Atlanta
Project Name Maintenance and Repair of Overhead Doors
Project Number 18-100959-ITB
Awardee(s) Suncoast Restoration & Waterproofing LLC
Project Name Deepdene Park Bridge Repair
Project Number 18-100958-ITB
Awardee(s) Draco Solutions, Inc.
Project Name Commercial Containers: Steel Refuse Containers and Lids, Recycle, and Roll Offs (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100946-ITB
Awardee(s) Ferguson Waterworks, R2K Legacy Group; Freeman Resources Group
Project Name Cement (Annual Contract w/ 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100944-ITB
Awardee(s) Complete Demolition Services, LLC
Project Name Decatur Water Storage Tank Demolition
Project Number 18-100931-ITB
Awardee(s) Civil Works, Inc.
Project Name Construction of Hard Trails at Fork Creek Mountain Park
Project Number 18-100930-ITB
Awardee(s) ER Partridge, Galls, LLC, and Reflective Apparel Factory
Project Name Uniforms for County Employees
Project Number 18-100923-ITB - CANCELLED
Awardee(s) N/A
Project Name Elevator Maintenance Services (Multi-Year Contract – Four (4) Years
Project Number 17-500470-RFP
Awardee(s) KPMG, LLP
Project Name Specialized On Call Accounting and Auditing Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 17-500459-RFP
Awardee(s) RTS Water Solutions, LLC and Grid One Solutions, LLC
Project Name Water Meter Upgrade and Installation Program (Annual Contract w/ 3 Options to Renew)
Project Number 17-100913-ITB
Awardee(s) Autaco Development and SD&C Inc
Project Name Sidewalks and Roadways