Bid Awards ITB/RFP

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Most Recent Update: Fri, 10/18/2019 - 16:53
Project Number 19-101125-ITB
Awardee(s) HEH Paving, Inc.
Project Name 2019 LMIG Road Resurfacing Projects (365 Day Contract)
Project Number 19-101121-ITB
Awardee(s) Columbia Industries, LLC.
Project Name Trailer Landfill Tipper
Project Number 19-101115-ITB
Awardee(s) Morgan Corp.
Project Name Seminole Road Landfill Cell Construction, Phase 3, Unit 2; Cell 1 & Cell 2 Subgrade
Project Number 19-101107-ITB
Awardee(s) DeAngelo Brothers, LLC., Russell Landscape, LLC.
Project Name County Streets and Roadways Litter Removal Services
Project Number 19-101093-ITB
Awardee(s) Dove Technology, Inc.
Project Name Career & Training for Special Populations – WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Grants (Multiyear Contract)
Project Number 19-101083-ITB
Awardee(s) Alliance Fire Protection Services
Project Name Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Suppression System
Project Number 19-101082-ITB
Awardee(s) Safeguard Printing and Promotional Products, Inc.
Project Name Reversible Rain Jackets for Dekalb County Police Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 19-101079-ITB
Awardee(s) RYCARS Construction, LLC; National Building Contractors, Inc; Hawk Construction Company, LLC
Project Name On Call Roof Maintenance Repair & Replacement Services
Project Number 19-101077-ITB
Awardee(s) Pro Cutters Lawnscapes, Inc., Brown Management Services (BMS) Enterprises, Inc., Williams Icon Homes & Properties, A.S.A.P. Management Group; Executive Realty Solutions, Inc., and Indigo Lawnscape, LLC
Project Name Pond Maintenance Services
Project Number 19-101072-ITB
Awardee(s) E R Snell Contractor Inc.
Project Name Road Widening, Sidewalks, Bike Lanes (Rockbridge Road – Allgood to Rowland Road) – PI# 0008121 / 0012789
Project Number 18-500505-RFP
Awardee(s) Pond & Company
Project Name Revitalization of Memorial Drive Commercial Corridor
Project Number 18-101038-ITB
Awardee(s) Specialty Cartridges, Inc. and Gulf States Distributors, Inc.
Project Name Ammunition
Project Number 18-101031-ITB - REVISED
Awardee(s) Massana Construction, Inc.
Project Name South River Trail: Phase 5 - PI# 0009029
Project Number 18-101004-ITB
Awardee(s) Kendall Supply, Inc.
Project Name Water Meters and Parts (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100980-ITB
Awardee(s) Korman Signs and Safety Products, Inc.
Project Name Road Construction Signs (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-100956-ITB
Awardee(s) Ozark Materials
Project Name Traffic Paint