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Project Number 19-500516-RFP
Awardee(s) Foresite Group, Inc.; Lose & Associates, Inc. dba Lose Design; Pond & Company, Inc.; and Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
Project Name Architectural and Engineering Services for Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs
Project Number 19-101131-ITB
Awardee(s) Green Acres Supplies Inc.
Project Name Infield Mix, Sand, Mulch, and Other Ground Materials
Project Number 19-101125-ITB
Awardee(s) HEH Paving, Inc.
Project Name 2019 LMIG Road Resurfacing Projects (365 Day Contract)
Project Number 19-101124-ITB
Awardee(s) Construction 57, Inc.
Project Name Hugh Howell Rd. Sidewalk from Lawrenceville Hwy. to Tucker Ind. Rd.
Project Number 19-101123-ITB
Awardee(s) Unique Endeavors Inc.
Project Name Carpet Replacement for Voter Registration & Elections
Project Number 19-101118-ITB
Awardee(s) Site Engineering
Project Name South River Trash Trap
Project Number 19-101117-ITB
Awardee(s) Ag-Pro LLC
Project Name Closed Cab 57 PTO HP Tractor with Flail Cutter & Sickle Bar
Project Number 19-101115-ITB
Awardee(s) Morgan Corp.
Project Name Seminole Road Landfill Cell Construction, Phase 3, Unit 2; Cell 1 & Cell 2 Subgrade
Project Number 19-101114-ITB
Awardee(s) Ozark Materials, LLC.
Project Name Thermoplastic Pavement Marker Material (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 19-101103-ITB
Awardee(s) Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation Inc.
Project Name Gas Powered Bunker Rake
Project Number 19-101084-ITB
Awardee(s) Ward Humphrey, Inc.
Project Name Lou Walker Senior Center Classroom Renovation
Project Number 19-101074-ITB
Awardee(s) F.M. Shelton Inc.
Project Name Sand
Project Number 19-101069-ITB
Awardee(s) Flint Equipment
Project Name Front End Loader with Backhoe
Project Number 18-101058-ITB
Awardee(s) Peterbilt of Atlanta
Project Name Truck Tandem Axle Front Loader Refuse Collection Truck with 37 Cu Yd Body
Project Number 18-101057-ITB
Awardee(s) East Manufacturing Corp.
Project Name Refuse Transfer Trailer, Standard Aluminum Open Top with Walking Floor
Project Number 18-101054-ITB
Awardee(s) A.S.A.P Management Group
Project Name Fence and Gate Installation and Repair
Project Number 18-101034-ITB - UPDATED
Awardee(s) (59 vendors listed in Award)
Project Name Parts for Vehicles and Off Road Equipment