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Project Number 22-500622-RFP
Awardee(s) Toole Design Group, LLC
Project Name Comprehensive Trail – Greenway Master Plan
Project Number 22-500618-RFP
Awardee(s) Forensic Medicine Associates, Inc.
Project Name Medical Examiner Services (Multi-Year)
Project Number 22-500617-RFP
Awardee(s) Michael Baker, International, Inc.
Project Name On-Demand Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services at DeKalb Peachtree Airport (Multi-Year)
Project Number 22-500616-RFP
Awardee(s) Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC
Project Name Auditing Services
Project Number 22-500601- RFP
Awardee(s) KCI Technologies, Inc.
Project Name North Druid Hills Corridor Scoping Study
Project Number 22-101549-ITB
Awardee(s) Marwan Karaa
Project Name Sale of Surplus Property at 2644 McAfee Road
Project Number 22-101543-ITB
Awardee(s) E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc.
Project Name SPLOST Phase II Resurfacing Project (Area A) (365 Day Contract)
Project Number 22-101542-ITB
Awardee(s) Power House Termite and Pest Control, Inc.
Project Name Pest Control Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 22-101537 - ITB
Awardee(s) NAFECO, and Safeguard Printing & Promotional Products, Inc.
Project Name Uniforms for Fire Rescue Services
Project Number 22-101534-ITB
Awardee(s) Latham Home Sanitation Company, Inc.
Project Name Tires Recycling (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 22-101527-ITB
Awardee(s) VSC Fire & Security, Inc.
Project Name Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Suppression System (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 22-101516-ITB
Awardee(s) A&S Paving, Inc., Greenway One Inc., and HEH Paving, Inc.
Project Name Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Repairs (Three (3) Year Multiyear Contract)
Project Number 22-101500-ITB
Awardee(s) Executive Realty Solutions, Inc.
Project Name County Abatement Lot Mowing and Maintenance Services (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 22-101483-ITB
Awardee(s) F. M. Shelton, Inc. and Ferguson Waterworks
Project Name PVC Sewer Pipes (Three (3) Year Multiyear Contract)
Project Number 21-500596-RFP
Awardee(s) Barge Design Solutions, Inc., CDM Smith, Inc., Freese and Nichols, Inc., Gresham Smith, and Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
Project Name Consent Decree (CD): On Call Engineering Services – Trunk Sewer Design (Multiyear Contract)
Project Number 21-500567-RFP
Awardee(s) Atkins North America, Inc.
Project Name Consent Decree - Design and Engineering Services for Shoal Creek Trunk Sewer Relief Project (Multiyear Contract)
Project Number 21-101466-ITB
Awardee(s) Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.; Yancey Brothers Co. H & E Equipment Services, Inc.; HEH Herc Rentals, Inc.
Project Name Rental of Various Heavy Equipment (Three (3) Year Multiyear Contract)