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If you download documents from this site, you are also responsible for downloading any addenda that may be associated with the project.

DeKalb County continues to implement ‘socially distant service delivery’ that includes restricted public access to some County facilities

The Department of Purchasing and Contracting continues to provide procurement services as needed to the County and all its operational needs. Mandatory meetings and any necessary informational meetings will be hosted virtually by our staff and responsible person(s).


The following meetings will be accessible utilizing video conference. Please be sure to review each solicitation in detail for specific instructions:

•             Mandatory LSBE Meetings

•             Pre-Bid Meetings

•             Bid Openings

•             Cost Openings

Phone:    (404) 371-7051

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Most Recent Update:
Project Number 24-3003825-RFQ
Awardee(s) ER Partridge
Project Name Summer Camp Shirts for RPCA
Project Number 24-3003821-RFQ
Awardee(s) Animal Shelter Services, LLC
Project Name Animal Shelter Consulting Services
Project Number 24-300223-RFQ
Awardee(s) Coke-Cola Bottling Company United
Project Name Beverages
Project Number 24-300222-RFQ
Awardee(s) Killer Creek Harley Davidson
Project Name Police Motorcycle Harley Davidson FLHTP
Project Number 23-3003818-RFQ
Awardee(s) LA Chews
Project Name Concession Banquet Services at Sugar Creek Golf Course
Project Number 23-3003813-RFQ
Awardee(s) Facility Maintenance & Service Group
Project Name Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Project Number 23-3003812-RFQ
Awardee(s) Atlanta Irrigation Services, LLC., Waterhouse Irrigation, Inc.
Project Name Irrigation, Installation and Repair Services for DeKalb County Parks
Project Number 23-3003811-RFQ
Awardee(s) Actionable Results Research
Project Name Feasibility Study for Implementing a Four-Day Workweek and Staggered Work Schedule
Project Number 23-3003806-RFQ
Awardee(s) AAA PCITS, LLC and SunPlus Data Group, Inc.
Project Name Computer Training Services
Project Number 23-300219-RFQ
Awardee(s) Jack Peek's Sales
Project Name Gasoline Powered Stand On Blower
Project Number 22-3003763-RFQ
Awardee(s) Mark L. Farms LLC
Project Name Landscaping Horse Manure Removal Services
Project Number 21-3003753-RFQ
Awardee(s) Mark L. Farms LLC
Project Name Landscaping Horse Manure Removal Services