Bid Awards RFQ

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Project Number 19-3003684-RFQ
Awardee(s) National Business Furniture, LLC
Project Name Office Furniture for Fire Rescue
Project Number 19-3003675-RFQ
Awardee(s) Blackjack Paving, Sealcoating & Striping, LLC
Project Name Pressure Washing Services for DeKalb County Playgrounds (Annual Contract with two Options to Renew)
Project Number 19-3003673-RFQ
Awardee(s) Mosaic Community Planning, LLC
Project Name DeKalb County Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan
Project Number 19-3003665-RFQ
Awardee(s) Green Circle Demolition, LLC
Project Name Rock Crushing – Asphalt, Concrete and Stone
Project Number 18-3003660-RFQ
Awardee(s) Promac International
Project Name 1,800ft of 698A 4140 Alloy Steel Rivet-less Chain
Due Date & Time
Project Number 18-3003657-RFQ
Awardee(s) Lori’s Transportation and Excavation, LLC
Project Name Paving Work on Old Clairmont Road
Project Number 18-3003655-RFQ
Awardee(s) Reaction Distributing, Inc.
Project Name Trash Compactor Powerpack and Installation
Project Number 18-3003654-RFQ
Awardee(s) DataWorks Plus, LLC
Project Name Mobile All-in-One Rapid-ID Fingerprint Scanner and Software
Project Number 18-3003652-RFQ
Awardee(s) Waterhouse Irrigation, Inc.
Project Name Irrigation Maintenance and Repair
Project Number 18-3003651-RFQ
Awardee(s) Anytime Sports Officials
Project Name Basketball Officiating
Project Number 18-3003645-RFQ
Awardee(s) Shertek Inc.
Project Name Installation and Setup of Basin 9-A Level Monitoring Controller Panel, Level Status Control Panel, and Submersible Pressure Transducer
Project Number 18-3003642-RFQ
Awardee(s) Pro-Cutters Lawnscapes, Inc., & A.S.A.P Landscape Management Group
Project Name Right-of-Way Mowing FY 18 3rd Cut
Project Number 18-3003640-RFQ
Awardee(s) Willow Construction Inc.
Project Name Wade Walker Park – Restroom Site Prep
Project Number 18-3003639-RFQ
Awardee(s) Old Mountain Contracting Company
Project Name Pond Cutting, Cleaning and Spraying
Project Number 18-3003631-RFQ
Project Name Pressure Wash Boardwalk at Arabia Mountain Park – Stephenson Creek
Project Number 18-3003628-RFQ
Awardee(s) Great Southern Recreation
Project Name Pour-In-Place Installation and Repair Services
Project Number 18-3003628-RFQ
Awardee(s) Playworx Playsets
Project Name Pour-In-Place Installation and Repair Service (Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 18-300140-RFQ
Awardee(s) Russell Landscape, LLC
Project Name County Streets and Roadways Litter Removal Services
Due Date & Time
Project Number 18-300139-RFQ
Awardee(s) A1 Shredding & Recycling
Project Name Mobile Paper Shredding Services
Project Number 18-300135-RFQ
Awardee(s) International Fire Protection, Inc.
Project Name Peachtree DeKalb Airport Deluge System Water Sprinkler Repair
Project Number 18-300133-RFQ
Awardee(s) Container Repair Services
Project Name Roll-off Containers and Self-Contained Trash Compactors Maintenance and Repair Service
Project Number 17-3003599-RFQ
Awardee(s) TYR Tactical
Project Name Tactical Heavy Vests