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The Department of Purchasing and Contracting has initiated its emergency operations plans. This will allow us to continue to provide procurement services as needed to the County and all its operational needs. All mandatory meetings and any necessary informational meetings will be hosted virtually by our staff and responsible person(s).


The following meetings will be accessible utilizing video conference ONLY, please be sure to review each solicitation in detail for specific instructions:

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Project Number 23-3003798-RFQ
Awardee(s) Cornerstone Sports Group
Project Name Infield Maintenance
Project Number 23-3003795-RFQ
Awardee(s) Complete Facility Services, LLC
Project Name Horse Manure Removal Services
Project Number 23-3003794-RFQ
Awardee(s) A&B Plumbing and Inspections, Raw Plumbing & HVAC Services, LLC, Maxair Mechanical, LLC
Project Name Home Inspection/Cost Estimates
Project Number 23-3003793-RFQ
Awardee(s) A&B Plumbing and Inspections; Raw Plumbing & HVAC Services, LLC; Maxair Mechanical, LLC
Project Name Plumbing Services
Project Number 23-3003792-RFQ
Awardee(s) Fat Boys Golf Carts LLC
Project Name EZGO Golf Repair (Annual with 2 Options to Renew)
Project Number 22-3003788-RFQ
Awardee(s) Quality Traffic Data, LLC
Project Name Countywide Traffic Counts
Project Number 22-3003781 - RFQ
Awardee(s) Godhigh Agency
Project Name Real Estate Services
Project Number 22-3003779-RFQ
Awardee(s) Natural Enclosures Fence, Co.
Project Name Glenwood Avenue Handrail Installation
Project Number 22-3003777-RFQ
Awardee(s) Container Technology, Inc.
Project Name Steel Shipping Containers
Project Number 22-3003776-RFQ
Awardee(s) Natural Enclosures Fence, Co.
Project Name Henderson Mill Road Handrail Installation
Project Number 22-3003773-RFQ - REVISED
Awardee(s) EC Restaurant Supply
Project Name Kitchen Equipment FS 7
Project Number 22-300209-RFQ
Awardee(s) All American Trailer Connections, Inc.
Project Name 10 ft. Dump Trailer
Project Number 22-300205-RFQ
Awardee(s) Wasterec Services
Project Name Roll Carts Removal
Project Number 22-300203-RFQ
Awardee(s) United Rentals
Project Name Light Tower
Project Number 22-300202-RFQ
Awardee(s) CJM Property Solutions, LLC
Project Name Jury Boxes Construction
Project Number 21-300185-RFQ
Awardee(s) Green Diamond Waste Management
Project Name Sale of Scrapped Metals