The Finance Department performs two categories of services:  budget and financial services; and risk management and employee services. 


  • Accounts Payable
    • ​​Provides accounting services including general accounting, accounts payable, travel and expense accounting and reimbursements.
    • Works closely with Department of Purchasing and Contracting as well as Capital Assets Management Treasury Services.
    • All money matters, expenditures, services, equipment and supplies acquired must be done in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Departments of Finance and Purchasing and Contracting.
  • Compliance
    • This area is responsible for auditing the expenditure of county funds, to ensure that they are properly accounted for according to sound accounting practices, and have been disbursed in conformity with the budget, the established policy of the Board, and the law.
  • Budget
    • Responsible for the preparation, analysis and administration of the county's budget within legal policy and procedural parameters.
  • Business Licensing
    • The Business Licensing Office handles the administrative processing of all new alcoholic beverage license applications.
    • The DeKalb County Public Safety Department conducts background investigations on business owners during the application process. The Public Safety Department enforces violations of the alcoholic beverage regulations and issues permits for employees to work in liquor stores, nightclubs and restaurants.
  • Capital Asset Management
    • Capital Asset Management is the exercise of the county's fiduciary responsibilities in regard to supplies and equipment purchased and used by the county, regardless of funding source.
    • Particular attention is given to the management of capital assets because of their relatively high value. The description of capital assets and general procedures for the management of these assets are the responsibility of the Capital Asset Management Unit.
  • Grants
    • Responsible for administering the financial aspects of grants received by the county.
  • Revenue Collections
    • Performs revenue collections primarily for the Department of Watershed Management's water services billing process.
    • Water and Sewer Online Payment
  • Treasury Services
    • Manages cash and administers the county's banking and external auditing relationships. Also works closely with Revenue Collections' remittance and daily deposits processing.
  • IRMA Letter