DeKalb County Retirement

Welcome to DeKalb County Retirement!

DeKalb County is committed to helping employees prepare and achieve their retirement goals.  There are multiple ways to save and invest for a secure retirement.


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DeKalb County Pension Plan

  457b Plan   401a Plan   Retirees



  • Pension Board meeting:

There will be a meeting of the DeKalb County Pension Board on Thursday, September 21st at 9:30 am. 

  • This meeting will include an open discussion of each investment manager and their funds


By Zoom


In Person

  • Meet at:  Emory Conference Center Hotel

    1615 Clifton Road NE

    Atlanta, GA 30329

  • Phone: 404-712-6000



Additional Items:

2022 Pension COLA - Home Rule Ordiance