Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse Unit

The DeKalb County Police Department formed the Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse Unit in January of 2006 as an effort to make certain that those who choose to use violence against their partner, their family, or the elderly are held responsible for their actions.  Our primary goal is victim safety.

The role of the police department begins with the 911 call.  The Uniform Division responds to these calls, writes a report, documents the evidence, and makes the arrest when possible.  The Domestic Violence Unit reviews every case and assigns a Detective when follow-up investigation is required.  In addition, the Domestic Violence Unit directly responds to and handles the most violent, frightening domestic violence crimes including homicide, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and aggravated stalking cases.

Besides investigation, the Unit strives to make certain that victims of domestic violence receive a coordinated response from the Criminal Justice System.  We continuously network with the Uniform Division, the Solicitors Office, the District Attorneys Office, and State and Superior Court Probation Agencies to ensure that cases are prosecuted successfully.  We also help connect victims to sources of aid outside of the Criminal Justice system, including the Women's Resource Center and International Women's House.

To contact the DeKalb County Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Unit, please call 770-724-7710

Facts about Domestic Violence

1.  Domestic violence is NOT about anger.  It is about the use of violence to achieve and maintain control over a partner.

2.  A CDC victimization study conducted in 1999 showed that 33% of women in Georgia age 15-44 have been assaulted by a partner or ex-partner at least once.

3.  85% of domestic violence homicides occur when the partner has left or is planning to leave.

Warning Signs:

•  Is your partner excessively jealous?

•  Does your partner monitor your cell phone use?

•  Does your partner try to keep you from your friends and family?

•  Does your partner get upset when you exhibit signs of independence (getting a job, buying a car, having a child)

How can I Help?

•  Believe the person who tells you they are being abused.

•  Connect them to available resources.

•  Do not tell them what to do - only they are the expert on their own situation.

Could I be a Batterer?

Contact Men Stopping Violence at 404-270-9894 to get help, or visit theirWebsite for more information.

For Safety Planning and Assistance Contact the Women's Resource Center (404)-688-9436 or visit their Website.

Other Helpful Links

International Womens' House - provides assistance to women for whom English is a second language.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence - provides information and training on Domestic Violence Issues.

Georgia VINE (Victim Notification) System - 1-800-398-2916, register to receive notification when the offender gets out of jail.