Special Services

Special Services Division

Assistant Chief G.S. Ivanov 
1960 W. Exchange Pl.
Tucker, GA 30084


The Special Services Division is comprised of two sections: Special Operations and Support Services.

The mission of the Special Operations Section is to support the Uniform Division patrol operations as well

as Criminal Investigations by developing special tactics and deploying specially trained personnel. 


Major A.T. Mears
Commander of Special Operations
3630 Camp Circle 
Decatur, GA 30032

The Special Operations Section is comprised of several highly proactive units. 

Officers working these units are specially trained in the following areas:

Helicopter air support

Traffic enforcement planning and control

Tactical responses to critical incidents

Bomb disposal and investigations

Large pre-planned demonstrations and events

Canine deployment

Accident reconstruction

Direct support to other divisions in the apprehension of career criminals and violent offenders


Aerial Support Unit

The Aerial Support Unit is responsible for emergency response calls to support Police Services or Criminal Investigation personnel on the ground when ground surveillance is hindered.  Aerial surveillance also assists with hazardous and emergency transportation of seriously injured persons from accident sites, crime scenes or major disasters.


Traffic Specialist Unit (TSU)

TSU investigates fatal vehicle accidents, hit, and run vehicle accidents, and non-traffic related fatalities. The unit also provides analysis data to other personnel within the department that have traffic enforcement responsibilities.


Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Team

The SWAT team is an organized unit of law enforcement officers, whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped, and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units.


Bomb Squad Unit

The Bomb Squad Unit responds to any bomb or hazardous material related incidents.  This unit's primary focus is safety, incident stabilization, evidence collection and property conservation.


Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction (STAR) Team

The STAR team is a specialized unit that concentrates on enforcement and education efforts related to impaired drivers. The enforcement objective is to achieve a reduction in fatalities and serious injuries by enforcement of DUI, Aggressive Driving, Speeding


Strategic Traffic Enforcement and Patrol (STEP) Unit

The STEP unit provides traffic enforcement on DeKalb County's interstates and roadway systems. The STEP Unit enforces federal and state laws as well as county ordinances through strategic and high visibility patrol efforts. Primary efforts focus on the reduction in traffic violations thus leading to a reduction in traffic related injuries and fatalities and street level enforcement focused on crime reduction.  The unit also provides event and operation security, escort details, dignitary protection, and patrols county parks and school zones to provide a safe recreational experience for the citizens of DeKalb County.


Motor Unit

The mission of the DeKalb Police Motorcycle Unit is to provide traffic enforcement throughout the county. The Motorcycle Unit is a high visibility, agile unit consisting of officers who patrol and provide traffic enforcement on a motorcycle; unit tasks include escorts for parades, funerals and dignitaries, and any other activities related to traffic or traffic direction.


Security Unit

The Security Unit provides an armed Police presence at key County buildings, County government meetings, and special events where an increased need for police presence exists.


Canine Unit (K-9)

The K-9 unit responds to and supports other units within the DeKalb County Police Department.  Calls for the unit consist of; tracking suspected felons, tracking missing persons, controlled substance detection, explosives detection, and article searches for evidence that has been discarded by suspects.  The K9 Unit consists of nine handler/canine teams who maintain certification with the North American Police Working Dog Association.  In addition to supporting internal DeKalb Police units, the K9 unit also responds to support requests from other agencies within the Metro Atlanta area.


Tactical Response Team (TRT)

TRT is a specialized unit designed to handle situations that present a great potential for civil disorders that requires specialized training, equipment, unit tactics / methods.  Our mission objective is to facilitate free speech and assembly whenever possible, while preserving order and protecting persons and property.  TRT duties include but are not limited to civil disorder responses within the unincorporated area of DeKalb County and other county agency and any agency covered by existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Mutual Aide Agreements.


Major J.C. Popp
Commander of Support Services
1960 West Exchange Place
Tucker, GA 30084 

The Support Services Section provides professional and efficient support services to the DeKalb County Police Department, Office of the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Public Safety,

citizens, youth, and law enforcement partners. 


Permits / Taxi Wrecker

 The Permits/Taxi/Wrecker Unit is responsible for thoroughly processing applications for alcohol related permits and taxi company permits, fingerprinting and conducting background checks for firearms. The Unit also processes alcohol, taxi and wrecker permits that follow federal, state, and local laws.


Police Records Section

Police Records is the central depository for all police, fire and EMS documents and staff provides reports to customers, law enforcement, courts, and other criminal justice agencies. The Unit also utilizes GCIC/NCIC databases in conducting criminal history checks and enters serialized items and missing persons/juveniles on the system. This process includes NCIC validations, NIBRS, and crime statistics.


Property and Evidence Section

The Property & Evidence Section is responsible for ensuring all property and evidence is properly secured in a controlled area and keeping detailed records of the location of all evidence and its movement.  Evidence is stored and made readily available for officers, detectives, and court personnel for prosecution. The Section disposes of all evidence stored that is no longer considered evidence.


Personnel Unit

The Personnel Unit administers payroll, benefits and human resources functions for the employees of the DeKalb Police Department, E911 and Animal Services.

Police Athletic League Plus (PAL) / Explorers

PAL is a charitable non-profit organization whose goal is to have a positive impact on the youth of DeKalb County and improve the quality of life for all participants with the primary focus on filling playgrounds and classrooms.  PAL utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police and youth. The Explorer program pairs people ages 14 -20 who have an interest in law enforcement with experienced police officers, who teach the participants about police ethics, investigations, and leadership skills


Open Records Unit

The Open Records Unit is a single point of contact for the Department for answering public and legal requests for documents. The Unit reaches out to the appropriate custodian of records for necessary documents and then compiles the information into a single package to ensure that all requested documents are present and any confidential information is properly redacted. The Unit also determines the cost associated with a request and ensures that the request is properly billed. 


Advanced Technology Unit (ATU)

ATU is responsible for researching, procuring, and implementing new technologies within the department. This unit’s role continues to grow as the department continues to utilize advanced new technologies.



The Supply Unit's primary responsibilities are obtaining, storing, and issuing accessories, supplies and clothing for Police, E911, Animal Services and civilian employees.  The supervisor of this unit also oversees the mailroom, the RETRO program, the VIPS program and the Cry Wolf program.


Facilities Unit

The Facilities Unit is responsible for the general up-keep of the buildings as well as the overall cleanliness of the department. The Unit Commander also serves as a liaison between maintenance contractors and general contractors for repairs or upgrades to major systems in all Police Buildings, including all four Precincts, Headquarters, and the Bobby Burgess Building.


Wellness Unit

The primary responsibility of the Wellness Unit is to provide effective counseling to all sworn and civilian departmental personnel. Peer Support and the Chaplaincy program offer practical and spiritual guidance to employees who experience a traumatic incident or need support for professional or personal issues.