Internal Affairs

Captain A. Ford
Internal Affairs Commander

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for the investigation of all external and internal complaints lodged against any employee of the DeKalb County Police Department. The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the office of the Chief of Police.

The Internal Affairs function plays an important part in the maintenance of professional conduct within the DeKalb County Police Department. The integrity of the Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of each employee.

To a large degree, the public image of the Department is determined by the quality of the Internal Affairs response to allegations of misconduct by the agency or its employees.

When a citizen lodges a complaint against a member of the DeKalb County Police Department, it is reviewed by the Internal Affairs Unit and subsequently investigated by an Internal Affairs Detective or the employee’s supervisor.

To ensure public trust and maintain the department’s integrity, the Internal Affairs Unit conducts immediate, objective, and thorough investigations of all complaints.