Bid Opportunities/General Information

DeKalb County requires all county contractors (i.e., suppliers, vendors and service providers) doing business with the County to submit on a quarterly basis written disclosure of the exact nature and value of any gift provided to any County official or employee. A gift is broadly defined as anything of monetary value and includes favors, discounts, trips, travel, lodging, and meal.  To comply with this mandate by the above deadline, an identifiable, authorized representative must complete a Gift Disclosure Form which can be accessed on the DeKalb County Ethics Office website at: .

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DeKalb Implements ‘Socially Distant Service Delivery’ Strategy County and restricts public access to County facilities
The Department of Purchasing and Contracting has initiated its emergency operations plans. This will allow us to continue to provide procurement services as needed to the County and all its operational needs. All mandatory meetings and any necessary informational meetings will be hosted virtually by our staff and responsible person(s).

The following meetings will be accessible utilizing video conference ONLY, please be sure to review each solicitation in detail for specific instructions:

- Mandatory LSBE Meetings
- Pre-Bid Meetings
- Bid Openings
- Cost Openings

Please be sure to check our website regularly for updates and keep your iSupplier contact information accurate. For assistance setting up your iSupplier account and/or accessing our meetings remotely feel free to contact our iSupplier Helpdesk Monday - Friday from 9a-4:30p (404)-371-2713 or

The mandatory LSBE meetings are held weekly, and all primes must attend to ensure that LSBE(s) have an opportunity to connect with the interested parties in all upcoming solicitations (Mandatory (Prime) DeKalb First LSBE Meetings).

These meetings occur each Wednesday in a morning and afternoon session, 10:00am – 11:00am AND 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Participation is available via video and/or audio conferencing. Attendance is required at only one (1) meeting each week, based on solicitation requirements.

To attend the 10:00am Mandatory Prime/LSBE Meeting via video conferencing, Join Zoom Meeting: Join Here

To attend the 2:00pm Mandatory Prime/LSBE Meeting via video conferencing, Join Zoom Meeting: Join Here

Please utilize audio conferencing if you are unable to access the Zoom Meeting, dial: 1-888-270-9936 Conference code 107222

All attendees will be required to complete an introduction of themselves and provide contact information for the company in which they are representing during the meeting times. Please be sure to complete this task prior to leaving the meeting to ensure that your attendance has been recorded for eligibility to participate in the corresponding solicitations. 

Sealed bids will be received up to 3:00 p.m. and then opened in the Department of Purchasing & Contracting, 2nd Floor, The Maloof Center, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030 on dates designated. Bids received after 3:00 p.m. on the designated dates will be considered as late bids.

Please select the drop-down arrow found on the "Bid Opportunities/General Information" menu to view advertised solicitations and bid details.

Bid specifications may be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the "bid number". Changes to active bids are addenda and appear in the addendum/addenda box. It is the bidder's responsibility to periodically check this page for any addenda and respond accordingly.

Suppliers are to ship via "best means." All prices quoted for goods are to be delivered prices. Shipping terms are FOB destination, freight prepaid, and allowed.

NOTE: * Indicates that RFP or bid specifications are not available for viewing on the website and must be obtained by contacting the procurement agent listed on the advertisement or Purchasing and Contracting at (404) 371-7051.


If you download and mail any bid, you must identify the "solicitation name and number" on the outside of the envelope. Fill out the BID INFORMATION COVER SHEET and return to Purchasing and Contracting if you do not plan to bid on an advertised invitation for which you are registered to provide services, or anticipate a change of address.