Organizational Structure

Director's Office

Michelle Butler, Esq., NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPCM 
Director/Chief Procurement Officer
Direct:  (404) 687-3581
Mobile:  (678) 472-8507

Special ProjectsTeam

ShaTausa Edwards
Procurement Operations Manager
Direct:  (404) 687-3828
Mobile:  (404) 520-1620

Phyllis Douglas, Esq. - DeKalb First (LSBE Program)
Procurement Projects Manager
Direct:  (404) 371-6312
Mobile: (470) 576-0692


The Special Projects Team  is responsible for:
-Process supplier registration applications
-Maintain supplier files on distributors, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and consulting firms for all County departments
-Assign purchasing system’s access and hierarchy
-Respond to Open Records Requests (Georgia Open Records Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-18-7- et seq.)
-Manage LSBE Program
-Manage contract partnership opportunities
-Maintain Supplier Performance Database
-Manage both the internal and external department websites
-Maintain the Oracle Automated Procurement System
-Conduct Countywide Oracle application training
-Provide I-Supplier training and technical assistance
-Maintain NIGP Commodity Codes

DeKalb First (LSBE Program):
-Certify businesses as Local Small Business Enterprises (LSBE)
-Responds to LSBE requests for assistance
-Maintain LSBE contract participation
-Conduct compliance site visits
-Conduct small business outreach events
-Promote small business involvement and positive relationships with internal County departments


Procurement Teams

Team A 
Crystal Creekmore, MBA, CPPB
Procurement Manager
Direct: (404) 371-2710
Mobile: (470) 371-5855
Departments Supported

Team B
Phyllis Head, CPP, CPPB, GCPA 
Procurement Manager
Direct: (404) 687-7198
Mobile: (404) 520-5031
Departments Supported

Team C
Delois Robinson, MBA, CPPO
Procurement Manager
Direct: (404) 371-2395
Mobile: (404) 427-1319
Departments Supported

Team (CIP) Capital Improvement Program-Department of Watershed Management
Willie Moon, CPPB  
Procurement Manager
Direct: (404) 371-7021
Mobile: (678) 472-8507 

The Procurement Teams are responsible for:
-Provide centralized procurement services to support the function of all DeKalb County departments
-Prepare formal and informal solicitations
-Review and analysis of all formal, two-party agreements executed by the Chief Executive Officer (or his designee) and approved by the Board of Commissioners (BOC)
-Review and analysis of Invitations to Bid (ITBs) including formal construction bid packages, Request for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Information, Qualifications and Quotations
-Review and analysis of requests for Sole Source and Emergency Purchases
-Review of certificates of insurance, bid bonds and performance and payment bonds to insure that they adhere to federal, state and local laws
-Conduct Pre-bid conferences related to RFPs and ITBs
-Prepare agenda items for Board of Commissioners approval
-Prepare and maintain Formal Contract Agreements
-Process contract renewals, change orders, and work authorizations
-Issue standard purchase orders for commodities and services
-Purchase commodities and services available on various Cooperative and State Wide Contracts (SWC).