Finance, Audit, & Budget (FAB) Committee

This page is reserved for information regarding the DeKalb Finance, Audit & Budget (FAB)Committee. The Committee is responsible for the review of the Chief Executive Officer’s proposed budget in accordance with the Organizational Act and makes recommendations on the budget and related policies prior to its final adoption by the Board of Commissioners. This Committee will also have the authority to review and recommend any items that affect revenues or expenditures of various subject areas. All Committee information regarding the committee discussions, how to view and participate, and Staff contact are below;

Meeting Time/Location: 

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month from 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Manuel J. Maloof Auditorium
1300 Commerce Drive
Decatur, GA 30030

-- The times shown are standing meeting times but are subject to change. Please feel free to contact the Commission office to confirm a meeting.

Committee LeadershipDepartmentsCommittee StaffStaff Contact 

Chair: Commissioner Steve Bradshaw
Member: Commissioner Robert Patrick 

Member: Mereda Davis Johnson 

Constitutional Departments
Internal Audit
Property Appraisal
Tax Commissioner

John Manson- Senior Policy Analyst


Marcus Allen - Policy Analyst






Committee Documents:

Month/Year20242023 2022 202120202019201820172016
JanuaryFAB AGENDA 01.23.24.pdfFAB AGENDA 01.24.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.01.11.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.01.25.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.01.27 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.01.26.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.01.12.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.01.07.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.01.28.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.01.03.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.01.11.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.01.15.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.01.04.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.01.16.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.01.30 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.01.17.pdf

FAB Agenda January 12, 2016 

FAB Agenda January 26, 2016 


FAB AGENDA 02.14.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 02.26.24 SC V2.pdf

FAB AGENDA 02.16.23 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.02.08.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.02.17 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.02.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.02.09.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.02.18 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.02.22 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.11.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.13.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.18.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.20.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.02.25.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.02.05.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.02.19.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.02.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.02.25.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.02.06.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.02.20.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.02.26 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.02.07.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.02.09.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.02.16.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.02.21.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.02.23.pdf

FAB Agenda February 9, 2016 


FAB Agenda February 24, 2016 


FAB AGENDA 03.12.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 03.26.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 03.14.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 03.28.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.03.08.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.03.21 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.03.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.03.23.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2021.03.09.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.03.10.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2020.03.30_0.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.03.05.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2019.03.19.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.03.07.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2018.03.20.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.03.07.pdf


FAB Agenda 2017.03.21.pdf

FAB Committee meeting--Tuesday March 15, 2016 

FAB AGENDA 04.09.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 04.23.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 04.11.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 04.25.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.04.18 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.04.26.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.04.27.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.04.13.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.04.14.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.04.28.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.04.02.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.04.16.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.04.17.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.04.03.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.04.04.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.04.18.pdf

FAB Committee meeting--Tuesday April 5, 2016 

FAB Committee meeting--Tuesday April 19, 2016 

MayFAB AGENDA 05.28.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 05.09.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 05.23.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.05.10.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.05.26 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.05.25.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.05.11.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.05.07 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.05.12.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.05.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.05.26.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.05.07.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.05.21.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.05.01.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.05.15.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.05.02.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.05.16.pdf

FAB Committee meeting--Tuesday May 3, 2016 

FAB AGENDA 06.11.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 06.25.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 06.13.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 06.27.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.06.14.pdf


FAB Agenda 2022.06.28.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.06.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.06.08 V2.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.06.09.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.06.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.06.04.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.06.18.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.06.25 v2.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.06.27.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.06.05.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.06.19.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.06.28.pdf

FAB Agenda. 2017.06.06.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.06.20.pdf

FAB Committee meeting--Tuesday June 21, 2016 


FY2016 Mid Year Budget Meeting Monday June 27, 2016

JulyFAB AGENDA 07.09.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 07.11.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 07.25.23 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.07.07 SC.pdf


FAB Agenda 2022.07.12.pdf


FAB Agenda 2022.07.26.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.07.27.pdf 

FAB AGENDA 2021.07.22 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.07.13.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.07.07 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.09.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.07.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.14.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.13.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.16.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.07.28.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.07.08.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2019.07.16.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.07.17.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.07.06.pdf


FAB Agenda 2017.07.18.pdf


FAB AGENDA 08.08.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 08.22.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.08.09.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.08.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.08.24.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.08.10.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.08.25.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.08.11.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.08.06.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.08.20.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.08.07.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.08.21.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.08.01.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.08.15.pdf


FAB AGENDA 09.12.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 09.26.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.09.13.pdf


FAB Agenda 2022.09.27.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.09.28.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.09.23 SC.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.09.14 V2.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.09.22.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.09.08.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.09.03.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.09.17.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.09.04.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.09.18_0.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.09.05.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.09.19.pdf


FAB AGENDA 10.10.23.pdf

FAB AGENDA 10.24.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.10.10 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.10.11.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.10.25.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.10.12.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2021.10.26.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.10.27.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2020.10.13.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.10.01.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2019.10.10.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.10.02.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2018.10.16.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.10.03.pdf

FAB Agenda 2017.10.17.pdf

November  FAB AGENDA 11.14.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.11.07 SC.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.11.08.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.11.17 SC_0.pdf

FAB AGENDA 2021.11.09.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2020.11.10.pdfFAB AGENDA 2019.11.05.pdfFAB AGENDA 2018.11.05.pdfFAB Agenda 2017.11.07.pdf 
December  FAB AGENDA 12.12.23.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.12.13.pdf

FAB Agenda 2022.12.19 SC.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2021.12.14.pdf


FAB AGENDA 2020.12.14 SC.pdf FAB AGENDA 2018.12.04.pdfFAB Agenda 2017.12.05.pdfFAB Agenda 2016.12.06.pdf