Employee Relations &Public Safety (ERPS) Committee

The Employee Relations & Public Safety (ERPS) Committee will have the authority to review and recommend best practices and policy formulation toward the maintenance of a fiscally sustainable and attractive system of benefits for all employees. The employee benefit plan review shall also incorporate regulatory and demographic trends that positively impact the county’s programs. The Committee shall review efforts to maintain the quality and integrity of countywide fire and rescue and emergency medical services. The Committee shall also evaluate the police needs for a financially sustainable system in a changing service delivery environment to assure the provision of primary enforcement and non-basic services for unincorporated DeKalb County.

General departments and areas:

Human Resources, Health Benefits, Pension, Risk Management, Wellness, Police, Fire & Rescue Services, E-911, Medical Examiner, and Emergency Management

John W. Manson IV—Lead Analyst

Meeting time/location: 
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ( Legislative Conference Room, 5th Floor, Manuel J. Maloof Administration Building, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030) 
-- The times shown are standing meeting times, but are subject to change. Please feel free to contact the Commission office to confirm a meeting.

Committee Information:
Mereda Davis Johnson - Chair
Jeff Rader - Member

Lorraine Cochran Johnson - Member

Committee Meeting Documents:


ERPS Agenda.2019.04.16 V2.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2019.04.02.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2019.03.19.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2019.03.05.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2019.02.21.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2019.02.19.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2019.02.05.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2019.01.15.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2019.01.03.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.12.04.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.11.16.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.11.06.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.10.16 UPDATED_0.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.10.02CANCELLATION.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.09.18.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.09.04.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.08.21.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.08.07.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.07.17.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.06.28.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.06.19.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.06.05.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.05.15.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.05.01.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.04.17.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.04.09.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.04.03CANCELLATION.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.03.20.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.03.14.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.03.07CANCELLATION.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.03.07.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.02.20.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.02.06.pdf


ERPS Agenda.2018.01.16.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2018.01.04.pdf



ERPS Agenda 2017.12.05.pdf


ERPS AGENDA. 2017.11.07.pdf


ERPS AGENDA 2017.10.17.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.10.03.pdf


ERPS Agenda 2017.09.19.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2017.09.05.pdf


ERPS Agenda 2017.08.01.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.08.15.pdf


ERPS Agenda 2017.07.18_0.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.07.06.pdf

Previous Meetings
CANCELLATION ERCS Agenda January 6, 2015 
ERCS Agenda January 20, 2015 
ERCS Agenda February 3, 2015 
CANCELLATION ERCS Agenda February 17, 2015 
ERCS Agenda March 3, 2015 
ERCS Agenda March 17, 2015 
CANCELLATION ERCS Agenda April 7, 2015 
ERCS Agenda April 21, 2015 
ERCS Agenda May 19, 2015 
ERCS Agenda June 2, 2015 
ERCS Agenda June 16, 2015 
ERCS Agenda July 21, 2015 
ERCS Agenda August 4, 2015 
ERCS Agenda August 18, 2015 
ERCS Agenda September 1, 2015 
CANCELLATION ERCS September 17, 2015 
ERCS Agenda October 6, 2015 
ERCS Agenda October 20, 2015 
ERCS Agenda November 3, 2015 
ERCS Agenda December 1, 2015 
ERCS Agenda December 8, 2015 
ERCS Agenda January 2, 2016 
ERCS Committee Meeting--Tuesday March 15, 2016  
ERCS Committee Meeting--Tuesday April 19, 2016 
ERCS Committee Meeting--Tuesday May 3, 2016 
ERCS Committee Meeting--Tuesday May 17, 2016 
ERCS Committee Meeting--Tuesday June 7, 2016 
CANCELLATION: Employee Relations and Community Services (ERCS) Committee meeting--Tuesday June 21, 2016 

ERCS Agenda 2016.11.15.pdf

ERCS Agenda 2017.01.17.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.02.07.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.02.21.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.03.07.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.03.21.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.04.04.pdf

ERPS Agenda 2017.05.02.pdf

ERPS Agenda.2017.05.16.pdf

ERPS AGENDA 2017.06.06.pdf

ERPS AGENDA 2017.06.20.pdf