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Commend an Officer


Each officer understands and accepts the fact that hard work and selfless service are necessary in law enforcement. Despite this, receiving recognition for a job well done or an instance where they have impacted someone’s life in a positive fashion is a great compliment and always appreciated. To this end, the Police Department encourages commendations for personnel who perform their job admirably.

Commendations can take several forms including an appreciative phone call to the officer’s supervisor, a letter of thanks, or a formal award. The most common form, a letter, should include pertinent information such as the officer’s name and badge number, date and time of the event and a description of the event. In all cases, the employee and his or her chain of command are made aware of the outstanding performance and a copy of the recognition is placed in the employee’s personnel file.

If you wish to commend an officer or one of our civilian employees for a job well done you may contact the Administrative Sergeant at any of our five precincts to have the information passed along. For your convenience, you can submit a form online (below) or via mail at the address listed below. Additionally, you may contact us by phone at (770) 724-7670).

DeKalb County Police Department

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