CEO Office Proclamation Policies

Proclamation Purpose and Guidelines 

A proclamation is an official announcement or public declaration issued by the CEO and/or the Board of Commissioners to designate a specific time period (day, week, or month) for the purpose of raising public awareness or celebrating special honors, arts or cultural events, nonprofit organizations, retirements, birthdays (for those aged 90 years or older) or anniversaries (60 years or more).

Proclamations are ceremonial in nature and do not have any legislative value.

Proclamations must be relevant to DeKalb County.

Proclamations must not duplicate other similar requests.

Proclamations must not take sides in matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction.

If proclamation criteria are not met, a congratulatory letter from the CEO may be an alternative.

DeKalb County reserves the right to edit, modify or deny any proclamation request.

Request Process

Requests must be made by a DeKalb County citizen or organization within DeKalb County. Only one proclamation can be issued for a person or organization per year.

Requests must be made using the form or PDF below, and can be submitted electronically. Requests cannot be accepted via phone, fax or mail.

Proclamation requests must be made at least 21 business days in advance of the date the proclamation is desired.

The requestor must provide draft language, including four to six “Whereas” clauses, for the proclamation, and such language is subject to edits, revisions, and formatting by the county without notice.  View sample proclamation text here.


Proclamations may not be read in a public setting by candidates for public office as this may imply endorsement by DeKalb County Government.

If you would like to request a proclamation from a commissioner and have it read during a meeting of the Board of Commissioners, contact his or her office directly. 


Receipt of Final Document

Digital proclamations and letters can be emailed, upon request.

Once the proclamation has been printed, the requestor will receive emailed instructions on when and where to pick up the document.

Online proclamation request form

Downloadable PDF