mail room 1.jpgThe Administration Division provides central mailroom services for the entire county and manages all county parking lots.  Each month, the central mailroom processes approximately 20,000-30,000 pieces of outgoing mail, 15,000-20,000 of incoming mail,  5,000-6,000 pieces of interoffice mail, 200-300 UPS packages, 150-200 pieces of certified mail and 100-150 pieces of priority mail.  The Trinity parking deck, Maloof parking lot, and the Camp Circle parking lots are managed by an outside vendor but overseen and maintained by Facilities Management.  These parking lots serve the general public as well as county employees.  The Administration Division also handles county real property leases and purchases.

IMG_0466.jpgThe Architectural & Engineering Division provides construction project management services ranging from new construction, to relocation of departments and small functional divisions.  For new construction, renovation or reconstruction, project managers assist departments with preparation of planning and design. They also work with a range of professionals including architects and engineers as needed.  Project managers also assist departments to prepare a budget forecast and computer-aided designs. If required, the project management team will seek contractors needed to achieve goals set by departments.  During the process, the project management team will monitor the project and keep the department director and customers apprised of the construction phases and progress.  

The Environmental & Surplus Division maintains and operates the Central Surplus Warehouse. Employees pickup and store all surplus items and provide office furniture to departments in need by appointment.  The division also manages custodial contracts to provide services to all county buildings (including disaster cleanup).

The Operations & Maintenance Division provides complete building functionality management.  This includes building repairs, maintenance services, structural and non-structural systems, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The division provides maintenance and repair service roadhaven restroom 2.jpg24/7 for 274 facilities covering more than 4,825,686 square feet of space. The full time staff includes five HVAC technicians, six electricians, six plumbers, six carpenters, one locksmith and four facilities maintenance coordinators.  Department staff are on-call in rotation and respond to emergencies after hours and weekends.  The division strives to provide exceptional service and product quality by maintaining an ethical and professional staff.

  • Plumbing maintains all plumbing aspects in the buildings including water supply lines, back flow preventers, and sewer lines.
  • Electrical oversees all aspects of electrical needs inside and outside county buildings (including field and parking lot lights, tests emergency generators, maintenance of Keyscan Access Management, hard key locks, fire intrusion alarms and elevators).
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) operates and maintains all chillers, roof top units and windows units. This office also manages climate control by Building Automation System (BAS) from a central location.
  • Building Renovation and Carpentry performs repairs and maintenance of walls, floors and doors.  This office also maintains the roofing, painting, and fire extinguishers contracts. In addition, this division performs small  renovation projects.

The Facilities Management Department seeks specialized contractors when needed.  In addition to performing a number of services, the department also researches the most cost effective equipment without compromising the building’s ability to function.  Recently the department retrofitted 4380 Memorial Drive parking lot, and sections of the Trinity Parking Deck with LED lighting.  These projects qualified the county to receive substantial rebates from Georgia Power as well will save the county approximately 66% in energy expenses.