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(NOTE:  The Pavilion Reservations Terms and Conditions form is mandatory and should be completed upon arrival.)

To request a reservation for a pavilion, please complete and submit the form below.  Please read the provisions above carefully.  Required fields are marked with asterisks(*).



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Security Information

DeKalb County Parks and Recreation will determine the need for security at an event. It is the responsibility of an applicant to pay for security. Reginald Penny, Parks Security Coordinator, will secure officer(s) once the event is approved and all fees paid.

Special Vendor Permits

A permit must be obtained for vendors, (i.e. inflatable, food etc) alcohol, and open fields if applicable.  All vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, and pay a vendor fee.

Hold Harmless Clause

The County shall not be liable to user’s employees, agents, invitees, licensee, visitors, or to any other person for injury to person or damage to property on or about the leased premises caused by the negligence or misconduct of user, its agents, servant or employees, or of any other person entering upon the leased premises under express or implied invitation by user, or caused by the building improvements located on the leased premises becoming out of repair, or caused by leakage of gas, oil, water, smoke, or steam or by electricity emanating from the leased premises. Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the County from any loss, attorney’s fees, and expenses or claims arising out of any such damage or injury. 

The applicant ensures compliance with the following:

  • The observance of applicable laws and ordinances;

  • Any stipulations or restrictions of the Park and Recreation Department

  • Any stipulations or restrictions by DeKalb County Police Services.

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