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Parks and Recreation Field Reservation Form

Name of the person in charge

Pricing Details
Fees are assessed on an individual basis and are determined by the information provided above. Please make every effort to be as accurate as possible for the safety of your guest.

  1-4 hours
 $100.00 per field / per day
  4-6 hours    $150.00 per field / per day
  6 hours or more    $200.00 per field / per day
  Field Preparation (Lining, dragging, etc.)    $75.00 per field
  Lights    $30.00 per hour / per field
  Certified DKPD Officer    $65.00 per hour / per officer
  Music-DJ-Loud Speaker    $25.00 per day / event
  Vendor/Food Truck Fee – Permit ONLY
         $250.00 per day/ per vendor (fees must be paid 15 days in advance. Upon approval)


Submittal of this form is not a confirmation and does not guarantee usage of any DeKalb County facility. Acknowledgement of the request will be made within 72 hours. All requests must be submitted 45 days in advance.