CEO Thurmond’s Employee Incentive Bonus Plan Approved by DeKalb Commissioners

Dekalb County

Bonuses include $1,500 for non-sworn frontline employees,
$1,000 for all other employees, and up to $500 in vaccination incentives


Today, DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond’s plan to provide a one-time, $1,500 retention bonus for non-sworn frontline employees was unanimously approved by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

The $1,500 retention bonus will be provided to frontline employees in multiple departments, including, but not limited to, Watershed Management, Sanitation, Library, Parks and Roads and Drainage.

All other employees will receive a $1,000 retention bonus.

“I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for their unanimous approval of these incentive bonuses that will help us retain our most loyal and valuable employees,” CEO Thurmond said.

In April 2022, Public Safety employees, including sworn police officers, received a base pay increase of 6.25 percent and a $3,000 one-time retention incentive payment.

CEO Thurmond’s plan to offer a second round of DeKalb employee vaccinations incentives was also approved by commissioners. Employees who provide documentation that they have received COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters, or flu shots will be eligible for incentives of up to $500 per person.

An employee vaccination incentive earlier this year resulted in nearly 67 percent of county employees being fully vaccinated for COVID-19.