DeKalb Commissioner Steve Bradshaw Allocates $58,500 for the Installation of Flock Safety Cameras

Steve Bradshaw

DeKalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw has allocated $58,500 of District 4 2020 reserve funds to install several Flock Safety cameras throughout the district to assist the DeKalb County Police Department with crime interventions.

“Since taking office public safety has been a priority for me,” Commissioner Bradshaw said. “This action is just one more step in pursuit of this objective.”

Flock Safety’s automatic license plate readers securely capture images while the proprietary machine learning algorithm uses vehicle “fingerprint” technology to identify the license plate, vehicle make, type and color. It not only captures the license plate seen, but all the objects within the frame. The system leverages solar and battery power, and cellular data communications.

Flock cameras are currently being used in DeKalb to help law enforcement prevent and solve crime by providing license plate information critical to criminal investigations.

“The use of this technology amounts to a 21st Century virtual neighborhood watch program that promotes a public/private partnership to fight crime in our community,” said Major Craig Medlin, of DeKalb County Police Department’s Tucker Precinct. “Because of Commissioner Bradshaw’s allocation, we can now provide more officers in District 4 with critical, real-time information they can use to protect the public and themselves.”

So far this year in DeKalb, Flock Safety cameras have resulted in more than 100 vehicle recoveries, including 21 by the Tucker Precinct alone. Earlier this month at Stonecrest Mall, a stolen vehicle hotlist alert by East Metro Community Improvement District cameras resulted in the apprehension of a suspect who had outstanding warrants for armed robberies and burglaries.

“Hopefully, our law enforcement professionals will be able to report similar results throughout District 4 in the coming months,” Commissioner Bradshaw said.