DeKalb County Police Department Investigation Leads to 20 Arrests

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Twenty gang members were arrested on April 5, 2024, following a joint investigation by the DeKalb County Police Department Gang Unit, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and the Cedar Park Police Department (Texas).

DKPD was contacted by the Cedar Park Police Department in reference to four unidentified armed robbery suspects that might have connections in DeKalb County. DKPD was able to identify those suspects and locate them in a DeKalb County residence.

The DeKalb County Police Department, GBI, ATF and Cedar Park PD conducted a search/arrest warrant at 3111 Cleethropes Drive, Lithonia, Ga., with assistance from the U.S. Marshall office. During the day, officers took the twenty suspects into custody without incident, including the four wanted out of Cedar Park. As a result of the search, 20 firearms were recovered, eight of which were classified as machine guns, with six illegal mechanical switches located. Approximately, 60 lbs. of mushrooms, 70g of mushroom gummies, 212g of marijuana gummies, three pounds of marijuana, two bottles of promethazine, eight Xanax pills and one oxycodone pill were also seized.

All suspects were arrested on Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, Firearms, and Gang Act charges and lodged in the DeKalb County Jail. Additional charges of Armed Robbery and Felony Murder were secured for Thomas, Pitts, Johnson, and Goodwin for the April 4 murder of Nicholas Grierson, 27, at 3316 Snapfinger Road in Stonecrest, Georgia.

Arrestees (ages):

  • Fratavic Goodwin (20)

  • Calvary Ray (20)

  • Jakai Lewis (18)

  • Amarion Pitts (20)

  • Joshua Thomas (18)

  • Naseem Triplett (20)

  • Caleb Dudley (19)

  • Ashton George (17)

  • Jammeel Jones (19)

  • Daniel Solomon (23)

  • Camryn Byrd (23)

  • Reniya Armstead (23)

  • Nahan Hutton (24)

  • John Frazier (21)

  • Jerry Johnson (25)

  • Darin Harris (19)

  • Tyrique Thomas (19)

  • Donovan Logan (20)

  • Shadae Woods (18)

  • Brandon Thomas (31)

Anyone with information on narcotics violations are encouraged to call our anonymous Drug Tip Hotline at 770-724-7762 or clicking the link to our anonymous form.