DeKalb Voter Alert: DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections Mailed 18,000 ‘No-Contact’ Notices

Dekalb County

Voters urged to check the mail

This week, DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections mailed “no-contact” notices to individuals who have not had contact with the elections system in the last five years.

This is a statewide effort that is required of all elections offices.

Voters who receive these notices are encouraged to immediately update their voter registration information ahead of the 30-day deadline to prevent being listed as “inactive” in the state’s voter rolls. Inactive voters have all the rights and privileges of an active voter through the next two general elections in 2022 and 2024.

An inactive status will update to active if the voter participates in any voter registration or election activity in upcoming election cycles. If a voter remains inactive, then the voter will be cancelled from the state’s voter registration roll and ineligible to vote beyond the 2024 general election.  

Across Georgia, 185,000 voters are receiving these notices. DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections Director Erica Hamilton said approximately 18,000 voters in the county will receive these notices in their mailboxes.

“We know some of these individuals may have moved out of state or are no longer eligible to vote in Georgia,” said Hamilton. “However, we also know there may be voters who just have not participated in a recent election. Voters who have not cast a ballot in the last five years and want to remain active in the system should immediately complete and return the notice to our office.”

To view the list in its entirety, please visit the Secretary of State website by clicking here.

Check your registration status by visiting the My Voter Page at

For more information, contact the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections Office at 404-298- 4020, visit DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections at or visit the Georgia Secretary of State at