DeKalb Watershed Orders New Brand of Water Meters

DeKalb Watershed Orders New Brand of Water Meters

AccuStream meters utilize different technology than iPerl

DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management (DWM) has purchased a new type of water meter for use while a moratorium on the installation of current iPerl smart water meters remains in effect.

“The CEO and DeKalb Board of Commissioners have directed staff to suspend the current meter replacement program, which we have already done,” said DeKalb Chief Operating Officer Zach Williams.  “The issue has been the replacement of broken meters and meters for new developments.  The only meters we have in stock are iPerl smart water meters, but this order of AccuStream meters gives us an alternative as the moratorium continues.”

DWM began a water meter replacement program in 2011, to replace its current inventory of analog brass turbine meters with the digital iPerl smart meters, which have the capacity to transmit meter flow data in real time eliminating the need for field meter reading.  Approximately 70,000 iPerl meters were deployed prior to the moratorium which went into effect in October 2016. 

On Nov. 29, DWM ordered 960 AccuStream 3/4 inch water meters, which are due to arrive during the week of Dec. 5. The AccuStream model utilizes positive displacement technology to measure water volume. The iPerl measures volume by electromagnetic flow technology.

“This purchase allows us to fulfill the direction of the Governing Authority, while simultaneously creating an opportunity to examine a different device for possible use moving forward,” said COO Williams.