Park Development

Thirty Percent of the park bond funds have been allocated to the renovation and expansion of DeKalb's park system. The capital improvements to park and recreation facilities have been programmed into two phases. Phase I projects address critical safety repairs and renovations to existing park facilities. On September 11, 2001, the DeKalb Board of Commissioners appropriated $9,320,000 for the critical countywide Phase I projects listed below.

The second phase of capital improvement appropriations will address additional renovations and improvements to existing parks and the development of new parks and recreational facilities. Phase I: Repairs and Renovation ($9.3 million)


Athletic Field / Complex Renovation $2,455,000
Lighting / Pole Renovation $2,315,000
Wooden Bleacher Replacement $225,000
Swimming Pool Renovation $1,315,000
Tennis / Mutil - Purpose Ct. Renovation $498,800
Play Equipment Replacement $125,000
Paving / Curb & Gutter $191,000
Lake / Dam Renovation $440,000
Roofing $12,000
Bridge Replacement $65,000
Cart Barn Replacement $60,000
Countywide Asbestos Abatement Study $65,000
Sub Total $7,766,800
Add 20% (Design Contingency) $1,553,360
Grand Total $9,320,160