Office of Management & Budget


Office of Management & Budget (OMB)

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) oversees the annual budget process, prepares the county's budget documents and makes recommendations with regard to short and long term financial plans.  Staff analyzes revenues, expenditures and economic factors, including the preparation of financial projections of county funds and recommendations to management and the Board of Commissioners. OMB supports the works of the county departments by facilitating accurate and efficient administration of the budget at all levels of the county.

Our Mission

The Office of Management and Budget strives to provide information and analysis to elected decision makers that allows them to make effective public policy decisions.  OMB also strives to assist the CEO/COO in developing, implementing, and overseeing day-to-day management of county operations, including in-depth financial and programmatic analysis and regular evaluations of proposals.

2024 Budget Information

FY24 Budget as proposed 2023.12.15

FY24 Budget Presentation 2024.01.23

2023 Budget Information

2023 Mid-Year Amendment as proposed 2023.09.12

2023 Substitute Millage Rates Agenda Item Package 2023.07.11

2023 Millage Rates Public Hearing Presentation 2023.07.11

2023 5-Year Digest History

FY23 DeKalb County Notice of Property Tax Increase

FY23 Budget as adopted 2023.02.28

FY23 Budget Public Hearing Presentation 2023.02.28

FY23 Budget Substitute 2023.02.28

FY23 Budget as proposed 2022.12.15

FY23 Community Budget Information Presentation

DeKalb County 2023 Community Budget Information Meetings