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DEMA-Severe Weather

Severe weather can strike at any time, and you should be prepared for whatever it may bring. No matter the type of weather, having a plan and multiple ways of getting the warning is crucial to protect you and your family. DeKalb County does not have an outdoor siren system for severe weather, though some of our cities do.


Why do I need to be aware and concerned with Emergency Preparedness?  Living in DeKalb County, weather is often an issue.  Tornadoes, severe storms, public health emergencies, fires and flooding are a reality that DeKalb County citizens must deal with and take actions to become prepared for.  Each family should have a plan, know how to stay informed and have a kit ready in case it becomes necessary to leave your home and move to a shelter.  To be prepared, do you own a NOAA weather radio, does your family have a communications plan, if you own pets, have you prepared for

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