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Residential Permit Parking

Residential Permit Parking

Residents of any DeKalb County neighborhood desiring to limit parking only to themselves and their guests can call the DeKalb Transportation Division for information at (770) 492-5206.

There are three basic requirements for considering a request to establish an area as “Resident Only Parking Area”.

Traffic Calming Program

Residential Traffic Calming Program

DeKalb County developed a Traffic Calming Program to address the concerns of the citizens regarding the speed of traffic on residential streets.  For a street to be eligible for the traffic calming program, it must be classified as local residential on the DeKalb County Thoroughfare Plan and have a posted speed limit of 30 mph or less.  For more information, please call (770) 492-5206.

Street Lighting

DeKalb County procedures for installation of street lights by homeowners or developers on county-owned streets vary depending on whether the streets have overhead power or underground power.  The major difference between streets with underground power is that street light poles are not installed as part of the normal electrical service.  Therefore, the cost of the pole installation must be paid by the petitione

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