Residential Permit Parking

Residential Permit Parking

Residents of any DeKalb County neighborhood desiring to limit parking only to themselves and their guests can get more information by calling (770) 492-5206 or by e-mailing

There are three basic requirements for considering a request to establish an area as “Resident Only Parking Area”.

  1. The area must contain a minimum of fifty (50) single family street addresses or must contain at least four thousand (4,000) linear feet of street frontage.
  2. At least sixty five (65) percent of the home owners are required to file a petition requesting this designation.
  3. Someone from the area under consideration must volunteer to serve as petition coordinator.

After the petition has been approved, any home owner and/or resident of the area wishing to park on the street will be allowed to do so by exhibiting a yearly decal available at a cost of $12.00 each, renewable each year.  The homeowners/residents may also request a limited number of hang-tags for their guests at no cost.

Click here for the residential permit parking renewal application form. Applications for free hang tags only may be e-mailed to