Public Works-Transportation Division

The mission of the Public Works Transportation Division is to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation infrastructure for the benefit of all DeKalb County stakeholders, while being environmentally sensitive and financially responsible.

The Transportation Division of Public Works is responsible for HOST capital projects, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) projects, as well as major DeKalb County infrastructure projects. The Transportation Division has four sections:  Design and Survey, Construction, Land Acquisition and Transportation Planning and Engineering.  The Design and Survey section is responsible for the development of internal construction plans. The Construction section approves utility permits, lane closure permits and inspects the construction work of major utility companies, GDOT projects, and other County-implemented projects. The Land Acquisition section acquires right-of-way easements for many county departments, including Community Development, Sanitation, Watershed, Development, Roads & Drainage and Transportation. The Transportation Planning and Engineering section is responsible for quality of life engineering, such as the residential street light program, the residential traffic calming program, the residential parking permit program, traffic signal timing and traffic studies.


2050 Comprehensive Transportation Plan - Click HERE to view.


North Druid Hills Road Corridor Scoping Study is underway - Click HERE for the study website.


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