Commissioner Bradshaw Announces the Kickoff of R.I.S.E. UP Programs’ 2023 Summer Cohort of Young Boys of Color

Dekalb County

DeKalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw announces the launch of the 2023 R.I.S.E. UP Programs’ summer cohort of young boys of color on Saturday, June 3, 2023.  R.I.S.E. UP is a Young Men’s Leadership Development Program. Commissioner Bradshaw’s allocations have targeted District 4 middle and high school boys.                                                                                    

“The Human Services Department through its Office of Youth Services facilitates the program. R.I.S.E. UP is the premier County program for providing life-skills to male youth in a positive way. Commissioner Steve Bradshaw of District 4 is a Champion and has been a huge supporter of the program for the last three years. Through his allocations for the last three years the R.I.S.E. UP program has expanded. It also now includes high school students and has Morehouse College as a partner.  “I am thankful to the County’s Administration, BOC and for the leadership of Jashawn Williams and the Office of Youth Services to continue to make R.I.S.E. UP an exceptional program for young boys of color,” said Damon Scott, Director of DeKalb Human Services.

Since October 2019 Commissioner Bradshaw’s office has allocated $95,000 to R.I.S.E. UP with more than one hundred youth having graduated from the program.

“I am pleased that so many young boys of color have participated in R.I.S.E. UP over the last several years. I am confident that this program encapsulates key life skills components to help boys garner their best characteristics while taking the opportunity to build social, emotional, and problem-solving skills they will need to navigate life as growing boys to men. R.I.S.E. UP has exceeded my expectations and I am committed to allocating funds as I am able,” said Commissioner Bradshaw.

DeKalb County's R.I.S.E. UP Leadership Development Program was initially designed to serve middle-school boys and young men of color residing in DeKalb County. With the continuous support of Commissioner Steve Bradshaw, the R.I.S.E. Up Program serves boys and young men of color residing in District 4 of DeKalb County. R.I.S.E. UP added a high school cohort of fifteen mentees this programming year. Dr. Kinnis Gosha has been the lead facilitator for the last three years and has incorporated 13 Morehouse student mentors within the program. Over the years, the R.I.S.E. UP program has engaged boys and young men of color in S.T.E.M. to foster leadership and positive identity development for young boys.

“The R.I.S.E. UP Program is an amazing program to persuade, guide, and push our young boys to be the best they can be to be successful in this world. We often think of our boys' success as something internal to some individuals - their innate drive, grit, or brilliance. But this program shows that the connection between the students and other successful college men is vital. The confidence and motivation to persist come from high-quality peer relationships within an academic environment, especially with mentors who share a common identity. I'm so appreciative of this R.I.S.E. UP program." -Jacobie Hollis, R.I.S.E. UP Participant Parent

R.I.S.E. UP will facilitate 8 weekly summer sessions at Morehouse College, 830 Westview Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30314.  The program is at capacity and no longer accepting applications.